SFFSat: A snippet from my current novel, Anala

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SFFSat logoHey there! I haven’t participated in this in a while, for various reasons, but I decided it’s time I start again. Especially as I’m working on a new book and writing every day — I have lots to actually share.

If you’re new to SFFSat, basically every Saturday a group of writers share sentences from one of their works on their blogs, and link to all their posts on the master blog. You can find links to other participating authors here — be sure to read them! There’s some great stuff to check out.

Oh, and it’s science-fiction/fantasy — hence the SFF part of the name.

Today I’m going to share a snippet from the book I’m working on, Anala. Anala is book 3 in The Third Age, sequel to The Jade Star of Athering (book 2) and Bellica (book 1). Major spoilers ahead! If you haven’t read Bellica or The Jade Star of Athering and don’t want to be spoiled, don’t continue!

Ok, now that I’ve warned you all, on with the snippet!

In this snippet, Queen Yarrow has just finished a trying day and is looking in on her daughter. The nurse has just informed Yarrow that Kaela is very easy to take care of and sleeps through the night.

She reached into the crib and, light as a feather, caressed her daughter, feeling her heart overflow with love for the tiny being before her. Sleeping through the night, hmm? Well, thank the goddesses you don’t take after either of your parents in that respect.

Then again, Kaela didn’t have years of battle, war, and death to destroy her sleep. Yarrow honestly had no idea how she’d slept when she was a baby, nor Caelum. Maybe they were easy to take care of, too.

Thinking on that, she reconsidered. No, knowing Caelum he was enough of a pain in the ass that he probably kept his parents up most nights. The thought brought a smile — real, this time, though bittersweet — to her face, and she thought he might have laughed if she’d made that comment to him.

“I wish you could have known her,” she whispered, softly enough so the nurse wouldn’t hear. Or known about her.

Caelum would have been a wonderful father. It was too bad he never got the chance.

I hope you enjoyed my snippet this week! I might also participate next week, and I do plan on having a post up on Wednesday with another Character Snapshot or some backstory of some sort.


14 thoughts on “SFFSat: A snippet from my current novel, Anala

  1. SA Check

    Always funny how introspective we get in the eyes of an infant – well told. I liked the idea that we all sleep well until life comes along and fills our heads with memories – good and bad. Great feeling and emotion in the scene.

    1. Katje Post author

      Thanks. And yeah, I like to believe there was a time in my life when I slept without dreams that disturbed my slumber.

    1. Katje Post author

      I’m glad it comes through. One of the resounding themes of this book is characters dealing with heartbreak.

    1. Katje Post author

      Thanks! And that’s totally okay, it’s only been out since the end of November. Not even 2 months yet. Also I didn’t really advertise the release, so a lot of people have been like “What, there’s another one? WHEN?” (Whoops.)

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