Character Snapshot: Jules, 4020

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Hello, and welcome to another instalment of Character Snapshots!

Today we’ll be talking to Jules deTania just after the events that take place in Bellica. There are spoilers ahead, so beware.

Name? Jules deTania. Soon to be Jules Lihin.

Age and birthday? 33; 3rd Trinnia 3987.

Time of snapshot: Jourd’Bellona, 28th Quatra, 4020.

Species? Terran, apparently.

How do you spend a typical Jourd’Aradia? Lately, it’s been all wedding planning and learning how to be a noble. One of those will be done with soon, though, so hopefully I will not feel quite so exhausted in coming months.

Do you really think your busy schedule is going to let up once you’re officially a member of the Lihin household? No, not at all. I was indulging in some useless hope.

So. You’re getting married soon. That must be exciting. It is very exciting. Ghia and I are both…very excited.

That was very convincing. (Jules lets out a large sigh.) We are excited; we’re also just completely overwhelmed and though I can’t speak for Ghia, I have been seriously considering elopement as a better option. There is a lot that goes into a noble wedding. Much more than I ever realized.

I suppose your plans have been rather upended lately? That’s a way of putting it. I wanted to marry Ghia, and no less when she told me she found out the truth of her origins. It wasn’t until we moved up here last month and her grandmother started arranging tutoring for us and retained the services of a wedding planner that I understood: I’m marrying a Lady of Athering. There are certain things that go with that, and getting flung into it all at once has been…well, it’s terrifying. As terrifying as Lady Alexandra.

Do the Lihin Ladies know how scared you are of Ghia’s grandmother? I’m sure Alexandra knows, and is likely pleased about it. I don’t think she fully approved of Ghia’s choosing me, though I have to admit I wonder who she would have preferred. There are not many eligible nobles of suitable age, and I was a high-ranking military officer. Perhaps it’s just my charming personality she takes issue with. (Jules flashes an impish grin.) Ghia definitely knows, and she teases me mercilessly about it. Though I happen to know she is also scared of her grandmother. She just doesn’t want to admit it.

Do you ever tease her about that? Very rarely. I instead choose to get her back by tickling her.

You two sound adorable. Ok, one more question, and then that’s all the time we have today. Do you like to dance? I adore dancing, and have often wished for more opportunities to do so. Luckily, noble life has that quite covered, so I expect Ghia and I will be dancing for many years to come.

Wonderful. Thank you for taking the time to answer these questions, Lord Jules. (Jules adopts a mockingly haughty posture and tone.) Well, yes, I do what my people need of me, et cetera, et cetera. (Unable to hold it, he chuckles and winks.) Anytime. It was fun.

I hope you enjoyed hearing from Jules this week. You can continue his (and Ghia’s) story in The Jade Star of Athering, now available as an ebook.

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