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I honestly cannot believe that September is more than half-over already. I feel like we JUST finished August.

This month has been a bit of a whirlwind of downtime for me, if that makes any sense at all. We did Pirates and Fairies on Labour Day Weekend; it’s our yearly excursion to the lake for fun and glitter. It gives new meaning to the term “glamping”.

Usually we have a really incredible time but this year it was *so hot* we had trouble functioning. Mr. Katje is usually the one up till 7am; he was falling asleep at 2am because of the heat. Our brains didn’t work properly and we just wanted to sleep the entire time.

Despite the heat we DID have fun, and got to hang out with some good friends and swim in the lake. Mr. Katje got sunburned; I did not. We both wore sunscreen.

After coming home I was so tired I was barely able to function during the week. I managed to help out my friend with getting things ready for the event she was organizing, Vancouver Pagan Pride Day, on Thursday the 7th. Then Saturday the 9th was the actual event and I was there all day.

It poured for the first few hours before finally becoming dry around 1pm. I was in so much pain that weekend.

Normally I’m a person who likes rain, but doing an outdoor event in the rain? Nope. Nope nope nope. I’ve done it multiple times and EVERY TIME I swear “Never again!” Especially if you’re selling books — NO ONE buys books in the rain. When you have that on top of “sitting in rain makes me hurt all over for days”….yeah.

However, I’d committed to volunteering at VPPD and I wanted to make the event as successful as possible, so I showed up and stayed all day to help out. My books were on the snack bar table, which was the community vending table this year. Didn’t sell any (told you) but that’s okay; I made some good contacts and new friends (YAY NEW FRIENDS). Worth the pain. 😉

Mainly, though, I was there to make the day a success for my friend. She has been working herself to the bone to make VPPD a great day for the community every single year, and it has been so hard on her. Rain hurts turnout, which hurts things like raffle sales, concession sales, and donations, which in turn hurts the event.

Events like this cost money. Quite a bit of money in Vancouver, which is a SUPER expensive city. We need to give back to events like these if we want to continue to HAVE them for the community.

Ok, I’m not going to get into a rant about lack of pagan infrastructure on this blog. That’s best saved for my blog at…where I’m sure I’ll rant AT LENGTH about this particular thing, because it’s a huge thorn in my side right now/always.

But anyway, my point is: if you want pagan events to continue, you need to support them. If you can’t support them financially you need to support them in other ways…like word of mouth advertising to get people there so that there’s a bigger turnout and better chance of ACTUAL FINANCIAL SUPPORT.

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And rain hurts turnout. So this year…I don’t know the exact numbers, but we didn’t do as well as we should have. Actually, we’re kind of in major trouble.

TO THAT END (the point of this post, finally, sheesh).

From now until Imbolc, if you buy an ebook by either me or my mom at our Ecwid store I will be donating 80% of the proceeds to VPPD to help make up for the shortfall from this year’s event.

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When’s Imbolc? February 2nd, 2018. That’s just under 5 months to fundraise as much as possible.

What books are eligible? Mine: The Jade Star of Athering, Stranger Skies, glasstown. Mom’s: Cured of Kings, Broken Sleep, La Chiripa, How to Keep a Human, Bitters, the witless poisoner, Thyroid Resurrection, Million Dollar Smile.

What? Why aren’t Bellica and White Birds eligible?? Because they’re already free, silly.

Does it count if we buy them at Kindle or any other online store? Nope, you HAVE to get the book via our Ecwid shop. Three reasons for this: 1. tracking will be 100x easier and I need it to be as easy as possible on my end or my brain will explode; 2. it takes over 2 months for us to get paid from Kindle, so whatever we earn in, say, September, doesn’t make it to our accounts until December; 3. WAY more money will go to VPPD this way. When I get paid from Kindle I only make 70% of 70%, because they withhold 30% of my profit of 70% of the list price for taxes. When I get paid from Ecwid, we get all of it (minus payment processor fees).

Why only 80% of proceeds to VPPD? Because we need to keep a little back for running our shop (it’s not free) and we’re broke. (Not trying to make people feel sorry for us; just being really honest.)

I already have ALL your books but want to still help out! How can I? Whoa, seriously, you have ALL our books? Man I’m impressed. Ok, so, that’s really easy: you can donate directly to VPPD!

ALSO, if you already have our books but want to help out this is a GREAT chance to tell all your friends and get them to get ebooks! Or, you can buy ebooks *for* them for the holidays or whatever. (Way cheaper than getting a physical book for a gift, especially in Canada. *winky-face*)

This is a great chance to get new people hooked on books you love, especially because….

BONUS: you get 10% off.

If you enter the code VPPD2017 when checking out, you’ll get 10% off your purchase of ebooks AND you’ll be supporting a great event that helps the entire pagan community of the Lower Mainland.

So how does that math work (just to keep everything transparent and above board here)? Let’s say you buy a copy of Stranger Skies ($2.95) and a copy of Cured of Kings ($1.95). Your total would be $4.90. Then you apply the discount: $4.41. If you use PayPal or use a credit card and our Square account, the processing fees are 2.9% + 30 cents, which is about $0.43. What we get out of the transaction is $3.98, and we send $3.18 of it to VPPD, keeping only 80 cents for ourselves. VPPD gets the majority of the profit, and we don’t starve to death.

Yep, that’s a lot of math I’ll be doing, but it’s worth it because it’s for a great cause.

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So where is this online store? The main shopfront is located at However, our books are also accessible directly from any of our sites (this one,,,, and on our Facebook pages (Katje van Loon, Kaimana Wolff, Kat & Wolff).

The easiest way is to just go to the main shopfront, but if you want to purchase via these other areas, that’s fine too. It all goes through the same store.

What kind of ereader do I need for your books? When you buy direct from us, you get three files: an ePub, a Mobi, and a PDF. ePub is industry standard and will work on all ereaders except Kindle. Mobi is for Kindle. PDF will work on any computer, and can also be read by the newer Kindles. (Apparently; my Kindle is really old.)

To send things to your Kindle, check out this page.

This article covers the many ways to get a book onto your Kobo.

This article covers how to move books from your computer to your ereader using Adobe Digital Editions. Like Adobe’s PDF viewer, ADE is free.

For viewing on your computer, there are ereader programs such as Calibre and Adobe Digital Editions, or you can use a PDF viewer to read the PDF versions.

How can I spread the word? Easy! You can share this post, either by manually copying and pasting the URL where ever you want to share it, or by clicking the share buttons (found at the top and bottom of the post). I’ve also created a couple of Tweets in the post itself via the Click to Tweet plugin that you can use to quickly send a pre-written Tweet out that will link back here (complete with hashtags).

I think that’s all the pertinent questions answered. Let me know if you have any more in the comments below.

Thanks in advance for helping me help out a great community and a wonderful friend!

Loonily yours,

2 thoughts on “Help Me Help Out Vancouver Pagan Pride

    1. Katje Post author

      Do you mean Hot Dogs?

      Unfortunately Hot Dogs is a Kindle exclusive right now; it’s not being sold anywhere other than Kindle, so it’s not eligible for this fundraiser.

      If you wanted to get a paperback of it, though, we could arrange that. We wouldn’t be able to donate as much to VPPD because there’s way more overhead with paperbacks, but some would still go there. (I’m not sure of numbers because we haven’t worked it out yet.)

      There is a dog book that is eligible, though, which is How to Keep a Human — written from the POV of Amaruq, who was my mom’s furry companion when she was in her 20s.

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