Here I sit, with a wolf at my feet…

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…winds at my back, and chocolate in my stomach.

Probably a lot more poetic in my head than on paper. Even digital paper.

It’s the end of 2019. The end of a year, the end of a decade. Tomorrow we — I — start the march into 2020, the best year yet — or so I tell myself.

2019 was actually pretty decent, on a personal level. I know it was hard for lots of people, and for the world in general, but personally I’m feeling pretty good about it, and the personal is all that matters…. That’s right, it’s all about me. It is my blog, after all.

December threw me a few curveballs. Mr. Katje’s transmission blew, costing us a few thousand in repairs; my Fitbit nearly set my hand on fire and then died, spectacularly; my writing laptop decided — right before my writing retreat with mom — that starting up was for losers — oh, and my body finally decided to get back on track after Depo. With a vengeance. To wit, it’s my second period this month and I might actually be bleeding to death.

If you think that’s TMI, you are new to this blog.

But aside from the last month of the year going “WAIT! I NEED TO SLAP YOUR FACE!”, 2019 has been, on the balance, pretty good.

2019 in Review

  • I started a new career in January as an MOA, and in February I walked the stage at school to graduate with distinction from my program. I got a 4.20 GPA in my time at Douglas, and that’s with my spine going out for a full week in my second semester.
  • Within a period of 8 months, I wrote and published a poetry manuscript, Rewolfing the Soul. I’m really proud of this bad boy, though I do not recommend trying to write and publish a manuscript in 8 months if you have very little free time on your hands.
  • I became part of a writer’s collective called Our Own Worlds for women and non-binary indie writers of SFF. It is a really exciting adventure to be part of, and I’m proud to join with such great writers in this endeavour.
  • I managed to email my newsletter a couple of times!

Ok, that last one is damning with faint praise, as my Oma would say. My email newsletter game is painful in its terribleness. I’m trying to get better!

My mom and I also went to FOTWA again this year, or the Festival of the Written Arts in Sechelt. It was a great experience, and I can’t wait to go again next year.

Towards the end of the year I started getting more into using WorldAnvil, and I’m really loving the experience. I’m world-building two worlds — universes, really — with my main account, and a third with my second account. (The second I’m able to have pen names it’ll be all under one account.)

I participated in WorldEmber, WorldAnvil’s version of Nanowrimo, where the goal is to write 10,000 words of worldbuilding content on your site in December. I got about 40% of the way there, which is a victory considering I joined late and was eaten alive with busyness this past month.

I really love WorldAnvil, and I’ll be updating this blog post with links to a review of it by my friend Diane Morrison, my Borderlands Saga world, and my Aradian Universe world as soon as I’m on a computer and not my tablet. (EDIT: that took a lot longer than I thought it would. Links are in now!)

Overall, a good year. And the curveballs of December are mostly solved — a Christmas gift of cash from our in-laws helped with the transmission costs; Fitbit is replacing my device, so I can get back on track with my health and not having my hand set on fire; after spending a few hours with my writing laptop, Mr. Katje seems to think it’s a simple fix that won’t lose me my sanity.

So even with those things, I’m ending this year on a high note.

Decade in Review/2009-2019 Glow-up

This past decade has been incredibly hard at times but it has arced towards goodness. I am incredibly blessed and grateful for all the great things my life has brought me in the past 10 years.

In 2009…

  • I was reeling from one bad relationship to the next, and at the end of that year I was busy crocheting a Dr Who scarf for a dude who was busy cheating on me on the other end of the province.
  • I was enrolled in a college program that was not serving my needs.
  • I was lost, emotionally, spiritually, and mentally.
  • I had finished one novel but I had no idea what I was doing with my writing or my author career.

In 2019…

  • I’ve been happily married for 4 years to Mr. Katje, who I met in 2010.
  • I’ve graduated from two college/university programs, one a Bachelor’s Degree that served my spiritual and mental needs, and the other a certificate that has served my getting-a-career needs.
  • I am no longer lost. I’m not sure where I am, but I don’t feel lost.
  • I’ve finished four novels and published 3, and I have two poetry manuscripts out there in the world. I have so many plans and ideas and when it comes to my writing, I know exactly what I’m doing.

It has been a hell of a road, but I’m in a good place now and I can’t wait to see where 2020 and the next decade take me.

Happy New Year, friends, and I’ll see you all in the next decade (when I post my goals/intentions/resolutions for the new year).

Loonily yours,