2020 Reso-goal-tions

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OK, take 2 on getting my shit together…I started this post on January 1st. It is January 10th. I have not finished this post. Let’s see if we can change that, shall we?

Do you like that word? Reso-goal-tions? I made it up today January 1st. I never seem to make pure resolutions, and trend towards goal-setting instead — but in my goals there is some resolve. Thus, reso-goal-tions.

I have a million and one, but I’ll just be talking about my writing and publishing ones here on loony bin.

First, my 2020 Intention. What’s an Intention? It’s some hippy-new-age thing I’m into that I don’t even know how to describe, but it’s what I set before I started doing my resogoaltions.

I created it while writing my last email newsletter of 2019 and shared it right there in the email. It’s based off the oracle card reading I did for the upcoming year for myself and my newsletter subscribers.

(Are you on my newsletter? You should be! I might actually email it this year! And when I do I sometimes draw cards for the list.)

May my writing lead me to greater spiritual insights and wealth, in 2020 and beyond. May I share those insights with others, and in sharing, may my own spiritual wealth and happiness grow.

Katje’s 2020 Writing Intention

I know, sounds hokey, but the truth is, writing is a spiritual calling for me as well as a career. Yes, I want it to make money, but first it needs to feed my soul. Then it can feed my coffee habit.

But, because I’m a crazed Type A, anything that feeds my soul must also have goals and organization attached, and perhaps a little healthy self-competition. Never measure yourself against other people — measure yourself against yourself.

"Never measure yourself against other people — measure yourself against yourself." Click To Tweet

Just don’t go crazy, like I do. Baby steps!

Ok, let’s see what big honking elephant steps I’m about to take this year.

Katje’s 2020 Writing Resogoaltions

1. Write 150,000 words this year.

I did a habit pledge last year and wrote 240 days, but I realized that I’m a boom-and-bust writer. I tend to do spurts of frenzied activity followed by fallow times. Word count works better for me, so this year I’m pushing myself and going for 150K words, or 3K a week.

Aiming for three thousand words a week actually means I’ll overshoot my goal if I hit the weekly goal throughout the year — it gives me a nice buffer. I like buffers.

The 3K every week will be split up among three main things: 1K worldbuilding (which you’ll see at my WorldAnvil sites), 1K fiction, and 1K non-fiction, which will mostly be articles either here or at Our Own Worlds.

2. Write 1 short story a month.

This was my goal last year? The year before? I think the year before. I didn’t succeed then, but I’d like to give myself another chance at it.

3. Write 1 Poem a week

Slightly less strenuous than last year, where I wrote an entire poetry manuscript between January and the beginning of August, but still keeps me writing poetry regularly, which I want to keep doing.

4. Write 2-3 blog posts a month.

That will be at least 1 article (a Mythology Monday — yes, it’s coming back) and 1 normal blog post where I noodle incoherently for a while before hitting “Publish”.

5. Work through the writing classes I purchased from Cat Rambo’s Academy for Wayward Writers.

During the end-of-year sale I picked up three classes for $5 each from the Academy, so I’m resolving to work through them all this year. Ideally well before the end of the year, but we’ll see how it goes.

Project-Specific Goals

The Borderlands Saga

  1. Finish my rewrite of From the Ashes.
  2. Send it for editing.
  3. Publish it before year’s end.
  4. Plot out The Moonrunner.
  5. Write The Moonrunner.
  6. Plot out book 4 (as of yet untitled).
  7. Start Book 4.
  8. Do 25,000 words of worldbuilding at the WorldAnvil site.

The Aradian Universe

  1. 25,000 words of worldbuilding at the WorldAnvil site.
  2. 3 short stories set in the broader universe.

The Bellica Trilogy

  1. Plot out Anala.
  2. Write Anala.
  3. Publish Anala.

The Isis Duet

  1. Plot book 1.
  2. Write book 1.
  3. Plot book 2.

The Aradian Universe, by the way, is the broader universe in which The Bellica Trilogy is set. I’ve never really posted much about it publically online, but I have tons of worldbuilding notes on my hard-drive and in notebooks. I’m finally going to share some of that stuff, and write even more, thanks to WorldAnvil.

The Isis Duet is the series that comes right after The Bellica Trilogy in The Third Age. For any NSA agents reading this: Isis refers to the goddess.

I’ve had a story in mind for it, vaguely at least, for a while now. It’s just been sitting in my brainmeats, waiting for me to get closer to being able to write it. I’d like 2020 to be the year that happens!

Over-Ambitious, Thy Name is Katje

Or am I just the right amount of ambitious? I often beat myself up over biting off more than I can chew, but as my friend Jack told me, I do it because I’m an optimist. I believe in myself too much to smother my ambition.

The lesson, instead, has to be in being okay with falling short of my self-set marks. And I think in that respect, I do better all the time.

Anyway, I’ve noodled on plenty long enough in this post. It’s time for me to actually hit publish and work on something else today! Or take a nap; I like naps.

What are your resogoaltions for 2020?

Loonily yours,

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