fifty shades of drinking chapter 8 and a note on chapter 9

i’m not sure why i didn’t publish chapter 8 here after it went live. probably because i was totally out of it after 3 days of editing.

(editing was brutal.)

so here it is, if you haven’t seen it! check out below the video for a note on chapter 9.

about chapter 9:

i was going to film it mother’s day weekend, but unfortunately i wasn’t able to find a slot of a couple of hours in which to do so. (plus, the after-effects of being completely fucking soused for the rest of the afternoon.)

so normally i’d just do it the next time i have some time off, but…

i work this week monday-thursday, and then on friday i am going down to vancouver for the first time since february so i can see my husband.

no, i haven’t seen him since february. pandemic has been the BIGGEST cock-block.

anyway, i’ll be in vancouver for 10 days.

that doesn’t mean i won’t be able to film and edit another episode. i MIGHT be. (i have a video camera down there, and a computer that can edit video.)

however, i can’t promise it. because, you know. visit with husband. things more important than getting drunk reading bad books.

so it might be i film another episode while down there but editing doesn’t happen for a while. or it might be that i don’t film and edit a new one till i come back up.

so i just want you to know, while i totally plan on doing as much fifty shades of drinking as possible this year and posting them as often as possible, this next one might be a bit later than i planned.

also i’m having to make the decision to let editing take as long as it takes, because trying to do it in one day is impossible and stressful.

on the plus side? when i’m down in vancouver i can snag some of mr. katje’s massive liquor supply for future episodes. he won’t miss it. shhhh, don’t tell him.

i love you. 

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