swamp demon success story

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i was down in vancouver for three weeks, y’all. i stayed so long in the hopes of reaching perfection.

i did not reach perfection.

i did reach better.

i am not going to upload and create an album here on my blog of the photos, because doing that and the amount of work it would take has meant i’ve postponed writing this post for almost 2 weeks now.

instead i’ll link to my public google photos album of it. it’s much easier.

you can see in the photos i’ve cleared floor in the kitchen. i’ve cleaned up mountains of garbage. i’ve reorganized and put things away in the pantry.

if my husband buys more pasta without eating what’s there first i will divorce him.

this is a success story even though my brainweasels have been trying to convince me that it’s not.

my brainweasels, fed a steady diet of you must be perfect and here are the things you have done wrong, cannot celebrate small victories. they are anxious rodents that need sweaters.

so here are some brainweasel sweaters. adapt them and use them yourself, if you need.

small victories are victories.

step by step is the only way anything gets done.

perfect is the enemy of good. yeet perfect into the fucking sun.

i am going down to vancouver again in august for some more cleanup, then i’ll be dragging mr. katje up here to powell river for a few days around my birthday. then back down, then back up. because i really love giving all my money to bc ferries.

between now and then (in list form):

  • work my ass off in july as i am scheduled for most of the month
  • actually get down to writing every day and finishing a fucking project, jesus
  • film another episode of fifty shades of drinking OR a regular vlog ep
  • that’s right, i’m getting back into regular vlogging. i asked for topic suggestions on facebook, so lemme know what you want to see from me (either there or here, whatevs is easier for you)
  • getting better at being active in my patreon, reader’s group on facebook, discord, and mailing list
  • help my mom get wolffy’s book den up and running again (we’re opening 1 day a week), and also help her with her jubilee
  • ok fuck this is too many things. *tries to put some battles back*

and of course anything on this list might get pushed in favor of petting the dog. he’s very pettable.

a hand pets the softest most sweetest goodboi. he is a good dog and all shall love him and despair.
the softest most sweetest boi

all shall love him and despair.

ok. mom said there were perogies downstairs so i’m going to go eat all of them and watch jane the virgin with her, probably. till next time.

i love you.