it lives

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hi, i’m still alive.

i mean, i’m pretty sure i am.

life has been a series of putting out fires and then watching new ones spring up this year. i’ve been working as much as i physically can at my day job, and trying to write a bunch in the meantime.

i have succeeded at that. i’m currently editing From the Ashes and i designed the cover. (reveal coming soon-ish.)

i’ve written 750 words every day of july so far, thanks to the website, and i’ve signed up to complete the august challenge.

this…might be crazy, considering in just a few days i’m heading to the underworld vancouver again, and i’ll be there for probably a month.

it’s a long story with details i don’t want to get into right now. suffice it to say, mr. katje needs my help again, and this year has been all about putting out fires. apparently.

i’ve also been trying to sort of…tidy up my online life a bit, and i got this crazy idea to move my blog over to my actual website instead of having it be a subdomain under the site.

so i worked and worked and worked at it and after all that work i decided i don’t like it and i’m just going to stick here at instead of

why would i even concern myself with it in the first place? well, i read something about using blog posts to drive traffic to your site….

let’s face it, the only folks who read this blog are people who already know who i am, or actual friends. i’m not driving any traffic anywhere.

and as far as writing SEO-laden posts to actually try to drive traffic? i mean. i have an SEO plugin on this site. i really don’t use it.

if i ever do start writing SEO-type posts that might actually drive good traffic, i’ll probably just…cross-post them at the main site, but have my actual blog be here. or something, idk.

but i think i might delete all the posts i spent so long transferring over to the main site because holy crap, is my site slower now. and i don’t have the know-how or time to speed it up at the moment.

(there are a lot of posts here. it took so much time.)

to be honest, i’m not entirely convinced that blogging is the way to draw people to your work as a fiction writer anyway. unless you’re literally posting fiction, your blog posts aren’t necessarily going to be the same “voice” you have in your novels.

people who fall in love with your blogging style aren’t necessarily going to love your fiction style, and vice versa.

so i’m okay with my blog not being ~optimized~. that’s not really what i keep it around for anyway. i keep it around as a place to just sort of…noodle.

not this kind of noodle

on the subject of noodling

editing of From the Ashes goes well, as does world-building for the world. i’ve been using 750words to do worldbuilding noodling most days, and whatever’s ready for public consumption gets published to the Borderlands Saga WorldAnvil site.

i am not yet ready to have a release date set, but i’m hoping that i’ll figure out what it is by my birthday. (august 14th.)

i really want to release this book this year. i’m working so hard on making it a good book and something that you actually want to read. the first draft was horrendous, as were the several drafts afterwards, but this draft #37 or whatever we’re actually on, i lost count, it’s actually shaping up to be good. and make sense. and be coherent.

(jesus those first drafts. they were so bad.)

reminder: if you want more up-to-date updates on my writing and release dates, my patreon or my email newsletter are the place to be. places. places to be.

i mean, the updates are still sporadic as hell because it’s me we’re talking about, but i do tend to share stuff there first.

this is very nearly 750 words, so i’ll find something else to write about to make that mark on this site. time for coffee and cream-puff and breakfast. and mom has called me, so….

ok she hung up. it’s really hard to sign off a blog post when your mom is talking to you about frittattas. fritattas? however you spell it. mozilla firefox doesn’t know.

anyway. that’s the news. i’m alive (though right now i’m so tired i’m not sure that’s actually true), i’m editing, i’m working, and in a few days i’ll be in vancouver again to do more swamp demon clean up.

send prayers/coffee/cash.

i love you. 

ps: i totally went over 750 words, go me.