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simplify, simplify, simplify.

it’s been like a mantra for me lately. i have too much on my plate, not enough spaces set at the table, and food spilling off and down into the night. it’s a mess. everything is a mess.

i need to pare down.

the sheer amount of things i need to do right now is breaking my brain. i just looked behind me and realized i’d left the microwave door open when i grabbed my oatmeal from it.

the oatmeal i was eating so i could take my supplements with it so that they didn’t come back up on me and –oops, forgot to take them. fuck.

there is just too much.

and i think you might know where i’m going with this.

for years this blog has been…what? a place for me to ramble. i rarely update. it doesn’t add much to my presence as an author online.

i don’t like ending things, so this is a hiatus. a semi-permanent hiatus. we’re putting the loony bin on pause.

there are too many whys.

the reasons for this could fill a book, and i hemmed and hawed over it for months. i kept coming back to “i should update, i should just update, if i update everything will be fine.”

but updates beget updates. you have to keep doing them.

and there’s just too much.

today it just came to me, a moment of clarity — that second where everything falls away and you think “oh, of course, that’s the answer, it was there all along.”

but you have to hem and haw for a while first, sometimes.

i need to focus on writing.

not blog posts. fiction. poetry. the things i really want to write. and i find myself using blog posts or “creative non-fiction” as procrastinatory diversions, distractions from the real work i need to get done.

so ironically, in the interest of focusing on writing, i’m going to quit writing here for a while.

so what about myth mondays? or whatever else–

like i said, i don’t like ending things. but for now, i’m not sure when the next Myth Mondays post will be up, or if it’ll be here or somewhere else.

things are fluid right now as i try to simplify and consolidate.

i’ll let you know when i know.

i’m still figuring shit out.

my life. my writing. how to prioritize things.

i’m not there yet. i’m 34.5 now and still feel like a kid even as my body makes it clear that is really not the case anymore.

i’ve been blogging for almost 20 years and i don’t intend to quit — but i need to focus on what blogs make the most sense. i have this one. i have my dreamwidth. i have my religious blog, which also remains criminally under-updated. i have my crochet/knitting/planning lifestyle blog, which — see previous sentence.

something has to give, and right now it’s the loony bin.

where to find me

it’s my hope i’ll get better at updating the many places i’m online if i can cut out the too-many things i have to do.

so. you can follow me at these places for updates:

thanks for sticking with me.

thanks for sticking with me and this blog in its many incarnations over the years. i hope my posts brought some good things to your day — a smile, a belly laugh, a “oh gods i’m so glad i’m not a trainwreck like katje” (it’s okay, i know what i am).

this isn’t the end. it’s just the start of something new.

i love you.