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what? it is.

the sex is amazing though. #tradeoffs

I am the Emperor of Fabulous (or, Surviving Survival Mode)

Recently I posted about how my life has pretty much gone down the tubes since the start of the year. Dealing with things like that — with events that shatter your world — can lock your body and brain into survival mode. In survival mode, there’s no philosophy. There’s no art, no music-making, no creativity. There’s just now. Just this… Read more »

2013, so far

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TRIGGER WARNING: depression, suicide, self-harm, university and student loan bullshit, anxiety This has not been a good year. I’m not wallowing in drama; I’m stating a fact. This year started out with a week of depression, anxiety attacks, and severe suicidal thoughts. It’s gotten a bit better, but I’ve still be battling the mother of all depressive episodes for the… Read more »

“Beauty Regimen”

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I hate that term. Beauty regimen. I know where it [ostensibly] comes from: the use of ‘beauty’ products in a routine; on a daily basis. (This, of course, isn’t a precise use of the word regimen, which specifically refers to (among other things) a routine that contributes to one’s health.┬áHealth, as you know, is not the same thing as appearance.)… Read more »

This is Rape Culture — addendum to my Amanda Todd post

Trigger warning: description of rape, rape culture, misogyny, bullying, suicide Something I didn’t really get into in my last post about Amanda Todd’s suicide is the misogyny, sexism, and clear and present rape culture apparent in the details of the case. I did originally write about it in my post, but decided I wanted to focus on suicide and not… Read more »

Bullying and Suicide — Justice for Amanda Todd

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Trigger warning. A teenager local to me committed suicide this week. She’d been bullied and stalked and harassed for a few years, and it got to be too much to take. All over one innocuous action, what some may deem a screw-up, that just happened to happen on the internet. You know, kids screw up. They do. When I was… Read more »