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12 Days of Grumpy Cat Giveaway (Day 1)

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It’s time for the giveaway! Let me see your Kermit-flails! So this is a really simple giveaway. For the next twelve days (the twelve days of Christmas) I will be posting a picture of Grumpy Cat (Tardar Sauce) each day. This gives you twelve entries, and twelve chances to win. How do you enter? It’s simple. Leave a comment on… Read more »

A Very Grumpy Cat Solstice

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Happy winter solstice, dear readers! I’ve been rather absent the past few weeks. I’ve been dealing with a lot of stuff that’s just sapped my spoons, and I haven’t really been able to blog here or at my pagan blog. Also, I was hoping to send out a Solstice Newsletter today, with a special holiday treat for y’all who are… Read more »