Survived Surgery Today

Wisdom teeth have successfully been removed.

I had to go in to get my wisdom teeth removed today, at the hospital. They put me under light sedation so I was semi-conscious during the entire procedure. It was relatively quick and painless, and now I have a very numbed face and tongue and 4 holes in my mouth that have been sutured up.

They want me to bite down on gauze till supper if I’m able to. I did for as long as possible, but I keep drooling everywhere and I have to change the gauze so often it becomes somewhat useless. I’m just letting it be right now. Swallowing a little blood never hurt anyone.

(If I become a vampire, I’ll let you know.)

Right now I’m hopped up on T3s with codeine, so I’m thinking it’s time for a nap. After, mom and I will watch Grey’s Anatomy while I drink lukewarm soup and milk.

Hopefully tomorrow back on semi-solids like mashed potatoes.

I’m alive and happy to be free of the devil teeth that appeared when the Hellmouth opened in my jaws.


I do not feel any wiser. You are a LIAR, mother nature. A filthy, filthy liar.

As you may be able to guess from my poor attempt at a witty title for this post, I am currently dealing with wisdom teeth coming in and pushing out all my funny with blinding amounts of pain. I have basically been swigging whiskey and clove oil in a desperate attempt to bolster the work of the ibuprofen I am almost certainly taking far too much of, and as a consequence of these piles of suck my brain is basically on strike (while the rest of my body is still pretty much TRASHED from Pirates and Faeries, the event I go to on Labour Day weekend*).

Luckily my car isn’t currently insured so there’s no chance of my driving while a) in so much pain or b) somewhat tipsy off my painkiller of choice.

I do think the clove oil may be ruining my nerves and/or skin, because it’s pretty caustic, but I also don’t care, because I’m at the point where ripping all my molars out with a pair of pliers seems like a rational decision.

Though I’m prone to hyperbole and overreaction, so it’s fair to say those sorts of things often seem rational to me.

Planning on hitting up a dentist for a consult sometime soon so I can figure out how much it’ll all cost to get this shit fixed and then somehow saving up the money to fix my teeth and end this agony, even though at this point I don’t really have the money to deal with more pressing concerns (yes, there are more pressing concerns, welcome to being poor, it is fun).

This is the moment when I say Canada, your health care system needs a serious fucking overhaul, because the fact you don’t cover dentistry is costing your system more money in the long run (as poor folk like myself leave dental problems alone until they send us to ER with them).  Fuckin’ DUH. Fix this shit. (While you’re at it, cover birth control, chronic pain medication, and anti-depressants, please. Other things that are costing you MORE MONEY in the long run.)

I did have a great time at PnF; you can read about it here in my letter to my sister (which is like 2 weeks late but she forgives me, because she’s awesome). I’m trying to actually get back to some work now that I’m home, but it’s not easy, let me tell you. I installed Disqus here on Amoeba-Kat Musings. We’ll see if it works better for comments than the old system I was using. (It does mean CommentLuv no longer works, alas.) If I end up not liking it as much as the original comments system I’ll get rid of it. Or, more likely, I’ll forget it’s even there and it will remain FOREVER.

Coming up this week (by which I mean in the next seven days, thereabouts) I have a COVER REVEAL for Stranger Skies! I am super excited about this, because I quite love the cover, and would really love if other bloggers could help me out here. I’ve got one person down already (and if you don’t read her blog already you should), and I’m looking for more. Doesn’t matter if you’re not a high-traffic blog; neither am I, so anything helps at this point. *inserts winky-face*

Cover reveal will include an EXCERPT as well as a GIVEAWAY for an ARC ebook. (Signing up to help nets you a free ARC ebook.) So far the release date is September 23rd, but to be honest that’s subject to change because I am basically drowning in overwhelm right now and have way too much on my plate. If it does change, it’ll likely be pushed a week forward — so September 30th/October 1st, basically.

On a final note, Vancouver Island Pagan Pride was not the best day — we ended up getting rained out with an incredible rain storm (with a water-resistant, not water-proof, tent — so guess how soaked we were), and learned the hard lesson that our wolf-dog just can’t handle these sorts of events. At least not till he’s older and mellower and we have a wolf-husky to sit at the front of the tent while Tyee chills at the back. We’ve been hoping to get him a puppy to help mellow him, anyway, so that’s now moved to the “definitely do this soonish, if we can” list.

But we did sell some books and meet some fine folks, and I was part of a pretty nice ATC ritual, so that was all well and good. Next year will have to be better.

And now, I’m heading off to finish some work and then collapse into bed, because my sleep schedule is totally messed up from the weekend. Baby steps to fixing it. Baby steps.


*PnF is basically a con-slash-ren faire on a much smaller scale but also on methamphetamines. It’s a private party that I love, but I also rarely actually have the spoons to do all I want to do over the weekend so I need about a week to recover from Sasacrash (the term we use to refer to the unique crash that happens after a weekend of magic and frolicking at Lake Sasamat).