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Updates about my life — my life with my husbeast, Mr. Katje aka the Ogre; my life with my mom Kaimana Wolff and Lord Tyee the Wundermutt; my life as a writer; or just life in general.

Praying for Wellness for Wolffy

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You know what’s terrifying? Hearing that your mom “might have cancer again” 6 months out from your wedding. Putting it that way seems selfish, I guess, but I’m not trying to say that I care more about my wedding than I do my mom. I’m saying that having my wedding being so close puts things in starker perspective than the… Read more »

Why I’m going to continue drinking Pumpkin Spice Lattes, and you should too (if you want to)

Honestly, I think the world would really improve if peoples’ browsers forced them to visit the relevant Snopes page before they can share any of those fraudulent pieces of BS to their FB pages.

Two Crowdfunding Projects I think you should support (if you’re able)

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By supporting these projects you’re helping make the world a safer place for people like me.

The Great Rewashing of 2014

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For three days I suffered until finally Mr. Katje kicked me out the door to go get some godsdamned antihistamines, for Zeus’ sweet sake. (Actually I don’t really think Zeus cares if I’m itching or not; I think it’s rather a thing below his sphere of “Shit I Care About”.)

We’re not public property

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A quote from Rachele’s amazing rant about the scummy, scamming diet company “Venus Factor.”

This Week at WolfHouse

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There is never a dull moment at this place.