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Just finished my 4th novel, nbd.

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One of my goals for 2018 was to finish #FromTheAshes, book 2 in #TheBorderlandsSaga. Well, last night, I did just that. Talk about getting it in at the last second! I am SO HAPPY it’s done, and so excited to revise it while I’m writing book 3, #TheMoonrunner. I’m hopeful book 3 is a faster write than book 2 was,… Read more »

Weekly Selfie: sparkle sweater!

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Mr. Katje got me this sweater today. It’s warm and green and sparkly, and it was on super sale. I am a happy Katje. (Don’t know if weekly selfie is going to be a thing here or not. I do like taking selfies, so maybe I’ll do this more often.)