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So, lemme get this right…

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This post contains spoilers for Doctor Who (all of it) and the use of animated gifs.

The Secret Circle

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Season 1 of The Secret Circle is on Netflix. I’ve been giving it a watch, as I’ve been snowed in at the Ogre’s place for two days. It’s pretty good; I’m enjoying it so far. It apparently got canceled, but according to IMDB season 2 starts in January — so perhaps it got picked up again? I don’t know. I… Read more »

I’m happy Grey’s is ending.

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So far I don’t think there’s been any official confirmation that the show is ending with Season 10 — just rumours borne of the main cast contracts ending at the end of this season. Sandra Oh isn’t renewing her contract. She’ll be gone at the end of Season 10 regardless of actual series end. Which means the show will basically be over, at least for me.