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Chapter Four has been filmed!

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And halfway edited. There are some issues with audio; editing is going twice as slow as a result. I have to take a break now to play video games and eat sugar, but I’ll be up in the morning and soldier on then. Expecting to post tomorrow afternoon. My liver suffers for you. (Actually it wasn’t so bad this chapter…. Read more »

Episode 3 has been filmed

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It just has not been edited yet, because I have been set back on EVERYTHING because of Stranger Skies edits/proof-making. I haven’t even worked on my Nano for several days. I would like to say I’ll be getting to it this weekend, but I won’t. This weekend is for relaxing at the Ogre’s. I am terribly sorry, but I am… Read more »

Vlog: Kat’s back, and zie shares how zie deals with a bad day.

I’m back after several months away! In this vlog I talk about a lot of stuff, including how I deal with a bad day, in response to Jenny Trout’s Roadhouse video from May 3rd. And, you know, I swear like a sailor, assuming sailors swear a fuck of a lot.