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SFFSat: Drunken confessions continued

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This week’s snippet is a continuation of last week’s, posted here. It caught her completely off guard. She swallowed convulsively in the raw emotion crackling the air. She grasped at her old, Umbra-may-care mood, but her jesting tone fell flat. “What, you’d sacrifice your life for me?” His look didn’t waver, but a small smile, almost as infinitesimal as his… Read more »

SFFSat: Drunken confessions from Bellica

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Today’s entry is a conversation snippet between Bellica Yarrow and Major Caelum from Bellica. Yarrow is the Empress’s best bellica, and yet she feels herself descending into madness: she committed a crime she has no memory of committing. After a night of drinking, she confesses her actions to her second, Caelum, and his reaction surprises her… “What do you suggest… Read more »

SFFSat, Feb 4th: a snippet from Bellica

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In this snippet, Bellica Anala is attempting a daring escape from an enemy nation where she has been held captive in a drugged state. This is from my recently released novel Bellica, now available on Kindle.   Through some stroke of luck she made it to the stables, where a young groom got another sleeper hold from her. She found… Read more »

SFFSat January 28th: Bellica Agate prays at the temple

This is an excerpt from The Jade Star of Athering, a sequel to Dead Transgressions set 10,000 years later and right after the events in Bellica. Bellica Agate has been ordered to travel to Southland to negotiate with the army of Gypsies and their Queen that have laid siege to the province.  She decides to pray at the temple before… Read more »

SFFSat January 7th: Adra visits Harbourtown

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From my Nanowrimo novel, Dead Transgressions. Adrasteia, the half-Atherian, half-Ixilean hero, is currently visiting Harbourtown with Duke Leandros of Aeril, the brother of the woman she’s sworn to protect from a plot by the Children of IxChel, intent on reclaiming their people’s Jade Star. The Duke has taken Adra on a small tour of the countryside while she recovers from… Read more »

SFFSat: Adrasteia practices her bad-ass Detective look.

This is a detective story, but it’s in a fantasy setting. Magic and technology are sort of the same thing in this place. She rummaged around in the top drawer for her gun holster. Something she hadn’t worn for a while now — she couldn’t afford ammo recharges, and she hadn’t been on any jobs that would require it. If… Read more »

SFFSat: a glance at the life of an Aradian Priestess

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(Crossposted here.) In this chapter, High Priestess Sarai has just given her younger brother Jules a reading from the Deck of Aradia — the Aradian Order’s main divination tool. She is discussing the results of the reading, which trouble her deeply, with her spouse Kara. The cards were hardly ever wrong. But my interpretation could be, her mental voice reminded… Read more »

SFFSat: the Magi awakes

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The beginning to Rosa’s first chapter, in which she awakes after three hundred years of sleep. The awakening from her dream-state had been brutal. In 3721 of the Third Age, Atherian Calendar, when she had secluded herself in her tower and banished herself to a half-life – an unconscious state her kind could reach, in which there was no time,… Read more »

SFFSat: most of my characters live within serious danger of cirrhosis

Yarrow makes fun of Jules for getting buzzed off noge** instead of ale, and some good-natured competition ensues… “Sure. That, or you have nearly no tolerance.”He raised his eyebrows at her, leaning back in his chair and looking as superior as Jules could. “I’ll have you know I could outdrink you with any beverage, Bellica,” he said, all seriousness. “Oh,”… Read more »

SFFSat: Cross-dressing in Athering!

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After bumping into her in the hallway, Chief Medical Officer Jules asks Healer Ghia what her plans are for Midwinter Eve. “I’m working at the Cauldron.” He sucked in his breath sharply, making a sympathetic face. “I do not envy you.” She gave a bark of laughter. “Please, Jules–we all know you secretly wish you were a short nineteen-year-old woman,”… Read more »

Science Fiction Fantasy Saturday, August 13th, 2011: damn know-it-all healers

From Bellica, part one: “How did you…” “I’m a healer,” Ghia said, cleaning the bloody cut on the bellica’s hand. “I know everything.” Yarrow snarled, and Ghia would have laughed if it wouldn’t have spoiled the effect. “You know you should be more careful with your hands, as Caelum says. This isn’t the first time you’ve come in here with… Read more »