Adopting words: senticous

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Now, this is really a great word if you’re looking for the perfect word to describe a cat, or a cactus, or a briar patch, or someone who’s rather harsh. The word is senticous — what does it mean? Read below.  senticous adj. 1657 : prickly, thorny He pricked himself on a senticous bush as he searched about for his… Read more »

Adopting words: bimarian

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For this week of lovey-dovey-ness and emotions running high, I thought I’d save a word that has to do with the sea. In several different schools of thought (not all, but definitely Western ones) water and emotions are connected. Even the words for sea and love in Latin — mare and amare — are similar.    bimarian   adj. 1731… Read more »

show me your words

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So now that my weekly word-blogging has begun, perhaps some of you would like to start using those words? In a poem perhaps? You could speak of the bimarian quality of Canada (that word is next week, folks) or what is vanmost on your mind when you think of this Great White North. You could comment on the senticous nature… Read more »

The Smell of Hope in the Morning

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We’ve come to the end of an era, my friends. Not a particularly lovely era. A dark age, to be precise. We’ve come through the night and a new day has dawned, bright and shining (and misty in Nanaimo) — a new day, and we can have hope again, because change has come.  He’s human, of course. We all are…. Read more »

The Grind

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Dear gods. I have managed to neglect writing for a while. Not handwriting. Typing. I’ve handwritten some stuff but I know it’s not going to amount to many words when the time comes to type it up. I’m so swamped and I procrastinate like a motherfrakker and — well, you’ve heard this song and dance before so it doesn’t really… Read more »

off to a good start

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 Wrote 2,681 words today. Good words, even. That’s 4x my daily goal for January (would be too simple to have a year-long daily goal of 450 words, you see). If I keep this up I’ll finish Bellica by the 15th. Sweet.   Torturing characters again. It’s what I’m good at. Happiness is for wimps. 

Happy New Year! (First Post of 2009)

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And, because I hate myself, I’m doing getyourwordsout   this year. I’m pledging 200K words. That’s just under 17K a month. Can I do it? Oh yes. I think I can.   By which I mean I MUST BE FRIGGIN INSANE.  Actually, though, when I looked over my word count goals that I’d set for this year ANYway, I realized it added up to 200K… Read more »