It occurs to me that I do this blog switching thing around the same time of year — autumn or winter. I tend to get restless during this time. Especially autumn. Autumn comes round and I want to do everything, be everywhere, and change up my life.

It makes sense; autumn is short, here in Vancouver, and it’s my favourite season. I want to experience as much as possible. This time of year is when I go back to school, usually, and that’s a big change. Nanowrimo also adds to this feeling of restless need to do something.


And then, of course, there are the leaves. Gorgeous leaves changing out green for red, yellow, orange, and then falling all around to blanket the ground in an explosion of color.

Fuck I love this season.

So today, I changed my blog. Moved back from to a self-hosted site. I spent hours combing through themes trying to find the perfect one, before finally giving up and settling on this one as a stopgap. We’ll see how long it lasts.

I’m also pondering a name change for the blog. I no longer am attached to Amoeba Kat Musings, but I am not yet sure what would be better. Letting it percolate.

One thing that hasn’t really changed is that I’m still stumbling around, trying to find my blogging center. And you know, I’m beginning to think I don’t have a blogging center. I mean, look at me: change is my middle name. What I want to blog about may never be a steady thing. So I can no longer tell you what to expect, except “things by Katje”.

Finally, I’m making a change to the comment policy. Comments will be allowed on new posts. I’m going with a “One strike, you’re out” rule, and commenting will be closed 2 days after a post is made. Every comment will be manually approved by me.

This is on a trial basis. If I start dreading looking at my comments again, I will turn them off completely.

Now. Time for me to get some lunch, and work on changing my house from “unholy mess” to “slightly less unholy mess.”


Whatever Wednesday: Fall is my favorite season

It’s just perfect. You get a nice blend of sunny and cool. Everything smells wonderful. The world is an explosion of colors. You can wear your nice sweaters and not freeze to death. It’s far less muddy than spring.

Both Thanksgiving and Halloween (favourite holiday, ever) fall within autumn’s purview — at least, if you’re in Canada. If you’re in the US your Christmas Half-Time Show Thanksgiving is in Winter. And, you know, despite not really being a fan of colonialism or celebration thereof, I do love Thanksgiving. I’ve completely disassociated it from the genocide of my ancestors. For me, it’s a secular holiday that’s based around food, family, and giving thanks for what you have.

This may be because I’m Canadian, and our Thanksgiving doesn’t seem to have the same themes and motifs surrounding it as the US one does. Or it may be because for me personally, it never had elements of “And the Indians gave the Pilgrims food, and then the Pilgrims killed them all, and it was GOOD!” until I moved to the States, at which point I was already a teenager, pretty much — even then, it was more about food and family.

Or it may be because I love turkey, mashed potatoes, stuffing, and pumpkin pie. That’s also very likely. Most of my emotions are connected to food in some way.

In general, fall is the best season EVER. Good weather, good smells, good colors, good clothes, good holidays, and good food.

Oh, and the pumpkin spice latte is available at Starbucks. And the pumpkin scone, if you arrive early enough.

Rainy Fall Friday

Apologies for low quality of photo; taken w/ phone.

I was walking home from my friend’s house (she gave me a partial ride home from school; we only live a block away) and in my alleyway a tree has shed its summer skin.

There was a meadow made on the asphalt, all yellow, orange, red, brown. Leaves everywhere. Not dead, not alive — hovering in that space between.

I caught myself wishing that it was always Autumn — a liminal season being one I’m more comfortable in. But I know that if it were always fall, it wouldn’t be as special.

So now I must make every day before Monday, before Samhain and the beginning of Winter, when the old Hag takes over — now I must make every day last as long as possible, so I can savor the season.