I’m an aunt!

We have a nibling!

Yesterday Mr. Katje’s sister had her first child, and he and I are now officially uncle and aunt. I’m looking forward to being Cool Aunt Katje who introduces the little tadpole to Doctor Who, Battlestar Galactica, and all the other myriad fandoms of which I am part. I’m sure Mr. Katje will help me in the engeekifying of our nibling, especially as it comes to Magic the Gathering and other incredibly dorky pursuits (because nibling must be adorkable as well as adorable). We’ve already bought the kid a Batman costume. Because always be yourself — unless you can be Batman. Then, always be Batman.

I haven’t yet met the nibling in person, but from hir pictures ze looks a bit like a gnome. Which makes the gnome hat I’m knitting much more appropriate.

We’ll probably head over for a visit this weekend.

That’s all. I’m an aunt. Mr. Katje is an uncle. It’s pretty cool.


I am dissatisfied (Author brands and Battlestar Galactica)

This post contains spoilers for Battlestar Galactica (2004). You’ve been warned.

When I chose the current theme for this blog I was in the process of revamping my online presence to better reflect my “author brand.” Apparently an author brand is an important thing to have, and I wanted to have one.

So I chose orange as my go-to color, and it dominates this site and Gossip Diet. I also chose my serious, bookish, I’m wearing glasses I don’t actually need and also I’m upside-down photo as my profile photo for all author-related things. One face, recognizable.

Recently, I changed that photo to the one of me as Starbuck, from Dragon*Con 2008. (More accurately the photo itself is from SeaTac airport on my way to Dragon*Con, but that’s a sort of useless detail.) Honestly, it better captures the sort of look I want to convey as an author my personality: I drink and swear a lot and can often be seen kicking ass in various ways and screwing up my life in others. Also I’m dating a Cylon who loves me madly and I probably will never shoot him, no matter what.

Somehow, since that change this blog has felt off. I look at it and I feel dissatisfied. It looks cluttered and too bright and headachey. I want something cleaner.

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The Saga of the Move: Part 2, or “The Stuff I Own Strikes Back”

(Read Part 1 here.)

We now had more problems than we’d started out the day with: not only did we no longer have the use of TG’s truck to get rid of some of the big stuff, including the mattress and box spring, but now we had to work on getting the truck to Courtenay Car Centre and getting it fixed.

We worked on the second problem first. Mom arranged for her and TG to wait by the truck for BCAA to tow it to the car place (this is two days later). She would then come down to Nanaimo to help me, as well as somehow cramming my massive mattress into the Pegasus (her Volvo station-wagon; mine is the Galactica — yes we’re giant nerds).

I was expecting mom to arrive at my place mid-afternoon, but she was several hours late. Apparently she and TG had waited in the blistering hot sun for BCAA for over two hours. They couldn’t call, because his phone was out of minutes, and she’d forgotten her phone at home. So finally she drove around in search of a phone she could use, and called BCAA again, asking where the hell they were, and it turns out the original request for a tow had gotten lost in the system. She arranged for them to tow without her presence, which for some reason hadn’t been possible before (yay silly company policies), and then came down to my place.

She’d instructed me to fold my mattress in half and tie it with rope. It’s all foam, so this was feasible…just not easy. She walked in to find me lying on top of it in an awkward position, shouting more bile and vitriol at the thing than I thought I had in me. She came and helped, and with our combined fattitude and lexicon of swear words we got it done.

Being fat can be incredibly useful when one is moving or packing a very full suitcase. I’m just saying.

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