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Character Snapshot: Ghia, 4021

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Hello, and welcome to another instalment of Character Snapshots! Today we’ll be talking to Ghia, who was introduced in Bellica and continues her journey in The Jade Star of Athering. There will be spoilers for both books in this interview, so if you haven’t finished them and don’t want to be spoiled, don’t read ahead! As before, my questions are… Read more »

Science-fiction Fantasy Saturday, Nov. 2nd: a bit from The Jade Star of Athering

Whoa hey I’m back. It’s been a while! I have technically finished the first draft of Jade Star, but as revisions with this book means “add a few thousand words”, it’s still a WiP. Spoilers for Bellica ahead.

SFFSat: the Magi awakes

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The beginning to Rosa’s first chapter, in which she awakes after three hundred years of sleep. The awakening from her dream-state had been brutal. In 3721 of the Third Age, Atherian Calendar, when she had secluded herself in her tower and banished herself to a half-life – an unconscious state her kind could reach, in which there was no time,… Read more »