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What will you cross off your bucket list this year?

Everyone should have a bucket list, I think — that list of essential things one must do in one’s lifetime. It can be specific — related to one area of your life, like writing — or it can be about everything. And I think it should be never ending. Hopefully life is interesting enough that once you cross things off… Read more »

Writer’s Bucket List, Revisited

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A while ago I posted a writer’s bucket list for myself. I decided that for today’s post, I would revisit it and see how much progress I’m making. Publish 4 novels. I’ve got at least that many as WIPs currently, so this should be “easy” to do (nothing about writing is easy). Finish a short story. I have this habit… Read more »

Writer Wednesday: The Writer’s Bucket List

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This post is inspired by Heather Simone’s August 8th blog post of her writer’s bucket list. I read it and thought “That would be a great WW post!” and, well, here we are. Some of my list items will be the same as hers, because, well, we’re writers and many of us have similar goals. Not rocket science, that. So… Read more »