SFFSat: A snippet from my current novel, Anala

SFFSat logoHey there! I haven’t participated in this in a while, for various reasons, but I decided it’s time I start again. Especially as I’m working on a new book and writing every day — I have lots to actually share.

If you’re new to SFFSat, basically every Saturday a group of writers share sentences from one of their works on their blogs, and link to all their posts on the master blog. You can find links to other participating authors here — be sure to read them! There’s some great stuff to check out.

Oh, and it’s science-fiction/fantasy — hence the SFF part of the name.

Today I’m going to share a snippet from the book I’m working on, Anala. Anala is book 3 in The Third Age, sequel to The Jade Star of Athering (book 2) and Bellica (book 1). Major spoilers ahead! If you haven’t read Bellica or The Jade Star of Athering and don’t want to be spoiled, don’t continue!

Ok, now that I’ve warned you all, on with the snippet!

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SFFSat: Drunken confessions from Bellica

Today’s entry is a conversation snippet between Bellica Yarrow and Major Caelum from Bellica. Yarrow is the Empress’s best bellica, and yet she feels herself descending into madness: she committed a crime she has no memory of committing. After a night of drinking, she confesses her actions to her second, Caelum, and his reaction surprises her…

“What do you suggest I do, Caelum? I’ll never run, I’ll never throw myself upon the parsimonious mercy my sister may grant, and I’ll never take my own life. I’m pretty much out of choices here.” She raised her eyebrows at him.
His shrug was infinitesimal. “You could give someone else up in your place.”
She almost laughed at his suggestion. “And what poor fool would I send to the gallows?”
His look was direct, his eyes burning into hers. “Me.”

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