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SFFSat: Yarrow and Jules explore Mt. Impri further

Hello! I’m finally back for SFSat, and this week I have two snippets for you — one today, one tomorrow. I know, I know — I’m awesome. This week’s Bellica snippet follows Yarrow and Jules’ adventures on Mt. Impri — after safely navigating past the first door, they explore what seems to be an ancient, long-abandoned city within the mountain…. Read more »

SFFSat: Adrasteia practices her bad-ass Detective look.

This is a detective story, but it’s in a fantasy setting. Magic and technology are sort of the same thing in this place. She rummaged around in the top drawer for her gun holster. Something she hadn’t worn for a while now — she couldn’t afford ammo recharges, and she hadn’t been on any jobs that would require it. If… Read more »

A character sheet!

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So, here we have a screenshot of the character sheet for Yarrow, my main character. You’ll note the picture inspiration in the top right hand corner (by the way, have I ever mentioned how much I love Scrivener? Because I seriously, seriously do). This is not the full character sheet, of course. No spoilers. 😉 The picture is of my… Read more »