Goals, loosely outlined

It’s no longer Wednesday, so I can’t do Whatever Wednesday. Which means I had to come up with some B.S. for Thursday.

Not sure why I’m letting this get to me so much. It’s not very important.


Things I’m Gonna Do (also a song by Rasputina) 

  • Release date for Bellica has been pushed from January 2012 to November 2011, Thanksgiving Weekend. In time to get it as a Christmas gift for your WASP relatives! Kidding. They wouldn’t like it. (Which may be greater incentive to get it for them, what am I saying.)
  • My family is made of WASPs so I can say this.
  • Currently editing like…something that edits a lot. An editor. Fiendishly. A fiendish editor. There are a lot of fracking chapters in this book, you know? And a lot of detail-tweaking — this is the problem with just getting it written and then having to change things later — it is so easy for your completely different culture that you’re writing about to get eclipsed by the culture in which you were raised, and you forget that it’s more natural for men to wear skirts in your world. And you have to go through and change it all. Again and again and again. Thank Goddess for Scrivener.
  • glasstown, my poetry book, is in the process of being released as an ebook. It’s not taking precedence over Bellica, however, so don’t expect to see it till Christmas-time, perhaps afterwards.
  • Still looking for a model for the cover of Bellica. Would be so easy if I could just call Milla Jovovich up, but she doesn’t know me. (Yet.)
  • I will probably be volunteering at the Vancouver International Writer’s Festival. You should come by and say hi to me. (I cannot tell you where I’ll be, but you should recognize me — I’m pretty distinctive. Fat with short blond hair. Easy.)

Other random things

  • My sewing machine got fixed. I finally buckled and downloaded the owner’s manual, like a smart person. I also fixed it by re-screwing it into the table. Heh. Screwing.
  • The older Singer is a bedside table in my boyfriend’s house currently.  (It wasn’t when I posted before because he needed to clean his room and he finally did that yesterday.)
  • I made my costumes for P&F and they were pretty awesome. I also made a skirt. In a day. What can I say — I’m good.
  • My sleep schedule is pretty messed up right now.
  • Burlesque workshop with the awesome Screaming Chickens on Friday! My mom registered me. I’m so excited.

So, yes. Stay tuned for Fiction Friday (probably more notes from the Revision Pile, but maybe not! Who knows?) and Science Fiction Fantasy Saturday (moved to this blog, for various reasons).

Oh geez, looks like I got a schedule without planning one. Welp. Time to add a page.

Mundane Monday: I am a thrift store queen

I would like to show you what I picked up today at Talize, a Value Village-like thrift store in Delta (where my boyfriend lives).

Picture taken with my phone, so excuse the quality please. That is a 1952 Singer sewing machine, in working order, attached to a table. It needs a few touch ups and some cleaning, but by and large it works perfectly.

Eight dollars. That’s right. Eight dollars.

This brings my sewing machine roster up to 3 — another Singer in a table, though much newer, and a…Pfaff, I think, I can’t recall, that has been broken for 3 years. I suck at getting things done and fixed.

However, I am extremely excited with this purchase because it is the older Singers that are better for heavy duty fabrics, like leather or denim, or many layers (which is what broke the motor on my Pfaff). For now it’s staying as a bedside table in my boyfriend’s room, but once I move over here into my own place it’ll take up its spot in the craft corner.

Costuming will be so much fun with this thing.