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My Friend from High School Died and it’s Fucking Me Up

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This was originally posted on my Medium profile on February 21, 2017. Last month my friend from high school died, and we don’t know why, he just did, he was in his late 20s and he died of natural causes, which is just fucking me up because what the fuck does that even mean? Like my brain kind of thinks… Read more »

Studying Stones

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Today’s prompt for the FMS Photo a Day was “Sweet.” My lunch was sweet. Today has a hint of bitter to it. Three years ago in August, my Oma died, just shy of her 93rd birthday. Today she would have been 96. And for some reason today it’s hitting me hard. The first year was hard, of course; we’d just… Read more »

Young Canadians in politics and the death of Jack Layton

Jack Layton, leader of the Official Opposition here in Canada, died today after a battle with cancer. He was only 61. I say only 61 because 61 is young. To me, at least — both my parents are older than 61 and I’m only 25. One of them has had cancer and beat it already. I live terrified that it’ll… Read more »