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I’ll “Fat Talk” as Much as I Gorram Please

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What I take issue with in this video is the labeling of self-hatred as “fat talk”.

The Epic Battle between my Delusions of Grandeur and my Crippling Self-Doubt, part two million and sixty-five

If you’re anything like me you know exactly what this is like. Half your brain goes “You could totally model for Addition Elle/write for xoJane/dance burlesque and dominate the scene because you are a queen/maybe do something adult with your life like trying to fix your massive piles of debt!” and the other half goes “But what about your complete… Read more »

Mental Breakdowns, Medication, and Optimism

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I keep questioning myself on how open and honest I should be on my blog. Sometimes I think I should share everything, hold nothing back, and just be myself. Other times I think I should keep as much private as possible — only show the good sides, only have positive, uplifting things to say. I’ll admit, that opinion is heavily… Read more »

#BellLetsTalk and ending the silence around Mental Illness

Today there’s a campaign going from Bell, one of Canada’s mobile providers. For every tweet with the hashtag #BellLetsTalk, they’ll donate 5 cents to funding mental health initiatives across Canada. (They’re also donating for each text or call their customers make, and for every share of the Bell Let’s Talk image.) You can read more about their campaign here. I… Read more »

I am the Emperor of Fabulous (or, Surviving Survival Mode)

Recently I posted about how my life has pretty much gone down the tubes since the start of the year. Dealing with things like that — with events that shatter your world — can lock your body and brain into survival mode. In survival mode, there’s no philosophy. There’s no art, no music-making, no creativity. There’s just now. Just this… Read more »

2013, so far

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TRIGGER WARNING: depression, suicide, self-harm, university and student loan bullshit, anxiety This has not been a good year. I’m not wallowing in drama; I’m stating a fact. This year started out with a week of depression, anxiety attacks, and severe suicidal thoughts. It’s gotten a bit better, but I’ve still be battling the mother of all depressive episodes for the… Read more »

“Beauty Regimen”

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I hate that term. Beauty regimen. I know where it [ostensibly] comes from: the use of ‘beauty’ products in a routine; on a daily basis. (This, of course, isn’t a precise use of the word regimen, which specifically refers to (among other things) a routine that contributes to one’s health.┬áHealth, as you know, is not the same thing as appearance.)… Read more »

Bullying and Suicide — Justice for Amanda Todd

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Trigger warning. A teenager local to me committed suicide this week. She’d been bullied and stalked and harassed for a few years, and it got to be too much to take. All over one innocuous action, what some may deem a screw-up, that just happened to happen on the internet. You know, kids screw up. They do. When I was… Read more »

Depression (trigger warning: suicide, self-harm, ableism)

There’s something quite insidious about depression. It prevents me from doing anything I want to quite often. In fact, it is only by forcing myself quite strenuously that I am writing this at all, and the fact that I misspelled strenuously and had to use the spell-check in Firefox to fix it made me almost upset enough to want to… Read more »

Writer Wednesday: 2011 Banned Books Week and full disclosure about my adolescence

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September 24th through October 1st is Banned Books Week. Over the years, many books and writers have been banned or challenged — for political reasons or just some vague feeling of “needing to protect the children”. Until this year, I’d never sought to read a banned book. Then I decided I’d try and find one, and saw on the list… Read more »