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Independence! …from harassment. Hopefully. Someday.

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(x-posted here.) If you’re involved in the SF-o-sphere you may have seen the internet go boom in the past week. Elise Matthesen was sexually harassed while she was at WisCon, and formally reported it. This is actually news, because reporting is so rare – mainly because society in general makes it incredibly difficult for people to report this sort of thing and incredibly easy for the perpetrators… Read more »

Rape Culture in Fantasy Settings

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[TRIGGER WARNING: discussion of rape and sexual assault] It’s a Thing. It really is. We’d like to think that the worlds we think up are oh-so-evolved, but the truth is that many of the worlds we think up have a rape culture in some shape or form. Possibly because it’s nearly impossible for us to imagine humanity could be better…. Read more »

Rape Culture and Fatphobia

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[TRIGGER WARNING: RAPE, FATPHOBIA] “Fat girls should be happy for any attention.” “Oh, come on, she’s too fat to be raped!” How many times have you heard or seen the above sentiments, or ones similar to them? How many times have you uttered them, either because you truly believe they’re true or because you’ve internalized hatred of yourself, or both?… Read more »