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Rape Culture and Fatphobia

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[TRIGGER WARNING: RAPE, FATPHOBIA] “Fat girls should be happy for any attention.” “Oh, come on, she’s too fat to be raped!” How many times have you heard or seen the above sentiments, or ones similar to them? How many times have you uttered them, either because you truly believe they’re true or because you’ve internalized hatred of yourself, or both?… Read more »

Why I’m pro-life.

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You’re probably reading this post because you think I’m going to blog about how immoral it is for uterus-bearing people to have any sort of determination over their own lives, because I think that a fetus’ life matters more than a grown person’s. I’m not. That’s not what pro-life means. That’s what people in the anti-choice movement, who have co-opted… Read more »

I am a terrorist.

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Or I would be, if I had ever had an abortion. Perhaps that’s not what Matt Emerson meant when he compared a woman’s right to choose to the events of 9/11, 2001, but that’s certainly how it read (and remember kiddies, intent is not magic). Emerson is talking specifically about abortions that remove one twin, or one or two triplets,… Read more »

Stop Calling It “Chick Lit”

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Seriously, just stop. Just because a book is written with a female main character and the focus of the plot is on her life does not make it “literature that only chicks want to read, hurrr”. Just because it’s fluffy does not make it “chick lit”. Just because it appeals to women does not relegate it to this oft-overlooked, oft-disparaged… Read more »

30 in 30: Day 12 (in which I pick apart Anne McCaffrey’s “feminism” and tell you why ten year olds really should not read her books (or my posts, truthfully))

A book or series of books you’ve read more than five times Ugh. I really really really wish I could say The Black Jewels Trilogy for this one, but unfortunately I keep on losing my copy of that one and haven’t replaced enough times to have read it more than five times (I have read it four times). So in… Read more »

30 in 30: Day 02 (in which I’m actually pretty serious about The Fifth Sacred Thing)

Day 02 – A book or series you wish more people were reading and talking about I’ve been putting off writing this post, because I was playing World of Warcraft. (You thought I was going to say something thoughtful or poignant, didn’t you? Silly. You should know by now.) Truth is, there are a lot of books that I wish… Read more »

Book Review: Unleashed (Paranormal Romance). Now with more swearing!

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Recently I was given a copy of Unleashed — a set of 4 short stories all in the genre of Paranormal Romance. Awesome, I think. I need a good escape. Unfortunately, two out of four of the stories made me want to escape back into real life because the men I know are better than the ones portrayed within the… Read more »