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Kingdom of Loathing: an adventurer is me!

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Ages ago I used to play an online game called Kingdom of Loathing. I played several different characters and never could get the hang of it. So I quit and promptly forgot my login information. Well, someone very special to me currently plays it, and has been hinting for a while that I should too, namely by copy-pasting funny bits… Read more »

On the Oregon Trail. No dysentery. Yet. (Picture heavy)

This past weekend I spent at Spring Mysteries Fest, which I can’t tell you much about because, well, Mysteries. Oath-bound secrecy, etc. Also, this is not my pagan blog, so what I can talk about will be said at Innocence and Immanence sometime this week. Regardless, SMF is at Fort Flagler, an old military base. Pictures during the event are… Read more »