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Productivity two days in a row? Madness!

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I’ve been productive today and yesterday. Granted, a bit less today, probably because I slept for fifteen hours and could have gone back for more (read: I’m exhausted). But I have gotten a lot done. Yesterday I started the huge task of reorganizing all my books. You see, when I moved here, my mom unpacked my books and organized them… Read more »

Writer Wednesday: Vancouver International Writer’s Festival (in which insanity descends upon Granville Island for a week in October)

Well, I’ve now been on hiatus for two weeks, instead of one, and I figure it’s about time I get back to this blog. So for today’s Writer Wednesday I’m going to be talking about the Vancouver International Writer’s Festival, happening October 18th-23rd. VIWF is something that my mother has been volunteering for for the past several years. Now that… Read more »