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The Grind

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Dear gods. I have managed to neglect writing for a while. Not handwriting. Typing. I’ve handwritten some stuff but I know it’s not going to amount to many words when the time comes to type it up. I’m so swamped and I procrastinate like a motherfrakker and — well, you’ve heard this song and dance before so it doesn’t really… Read more »

off to a good start

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 Wrote 2,681 words today. Good words, even. That’s 4x my daily goal for January (would be too simple to have a year-long daily goal of 450 words, you see). If I keep this up I’ll finish Bellica by the 15th. Sweet.   Torturing characters again. It’s what I’m good at. Happiness is for wimps. 

Happy New Year! (First Post of 2009)

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And, because I hate myself, I’m doing getyourwordsout   this year. I’m pledging 200K words. That’s just under 17K a month. Can I do it? Oh yes. I think I can.   By which I mean I MUST BE FRIGGIN INSANE.  Actually, though, when I looked over my word count goals that I’d set for this year ANYway, I realized it added up to 200K… Read more »