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The Unorthodox Hat

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I’m making a hat. I’m knitting a hat. It’s my first, so kind of a big deal. Firsts in knitting are always big, even if they’re not that complex. Same for crochet. But I’m not a patterns person. It’s nigh impossible for me to follow a knitting pattern and stick to it. I like making things up. I like improvising…. Read more »

Living in a Horror Film

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I cannot describe to you the panic I just had. It was heart-attack inducing. I couldn’t breathe. Black spots covered my vision. Ok, maybe I can describe it. I’d gone to make some of my favourite tea — Yogi brand Green Tea Echinacea Plus — because it’s good for getting rid of colds, and I’ve got a tickle in my… Read more »

Blocking, barefoot earth-loving, and music to make you writhe

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I spent the morning walking barefoot in my yard. It’s freezing, and my feet were numb within minutes. It was deliciously sensual, though. With my injury I’ve been cooped up inside the house for over a month. Standing outside, feeling the earth spin beneath my feet, the sun beating down on my face and arms, the wind whipping around me,… Read more »