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30 in 30: Day 20 (good porn has kissing in it)

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Favorite kiss Kushiel’s Avatar. Ok, there’s a lot of kissing in the Kushiel Series. The series is pretty much porn, with hefty amounts of romance and mysticism thrown in (any wonder why I love it so much?), and it’s fantastically written. Anyway. [SPOILER ALERT] Later on in the book, Joscelin and Phedre (and Imriel) are on their way to find… Read more »

30 in 30: Day 03 (in which I review PORN — I mean, part of the Kushiel series)

The best book you’ve read in the last 12 months This one is harder to answer because I’ve read fewer books in the past year than I usually have. (Yes, you read that right.) Most of the books I’ve read have been non-fiction, which usually means that I haven’t actually finished them yet. And I have trouble picking a non-fiction… Read more »