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You know that feeling when your crush remembers your name? Or asks about something important to you? That fluttery, happy feeling, that voice in your head yelling “Oh my gods, they know I exist!” Or maybe you get that feeling when you meet your idol and they show interest in what you’re talking about. Or when anyone important to you… Read more »

Mental Breakdowns, Medication, and Optimism

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I keep questioning myself on how open and honest I should be on my blog. Sometimes I think I should share everything, hold nothing back, and just be myself. Other times I think I should keep as much private as possible — only show the good sides, only have positive, uplifting things to say. I’ll admit, that opinion is heavily… Read more »

Eating Disorders and Losing Weight (trigger warning: disordered eating, mental health issues, fatphobia)

I suppose I’m continuing in a somewhat depressive vein, here, but it needs to be said. I’m a fat-positive activist, and I believe in HAES — Health At Every Size. Fat people are still people and should be treated like human beings, instead of like second class citizens or monsters who live in catacombs below the opera house. Which, yeah,… Read more »

Depression (trigger warning: suicide, self-harm, ableism)

There’s something quite insidious about depression. It prevents me from doing anything I want to quite often. In fact, it is only by forcing myself quite strenuously that I am writing this at all, and the fact that I misspelled strenuously and had to use the spell-check in Firefox to fix it made me almost upset enough to want to… Read more »

Everyone Needs to Laugh

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I’ve found a new comedian to watch and enjoy. This is good, because I have had/am having an incredibly stressful week. We are talking more stress than I have ever felt in my life; this is bury-you-alive, crush-your-bones-to-dust stress. On top of school and work, emotional triggers surrounding past assaults have been battering at my senses, making me alternately livid,… Read more »