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You’re Not Raising Awareness. You’re Just Being an Asshole.

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Stop playing those “breast cancer awareness” games and stop buying into the pinkwashing of a disease that hits everyone. Cancer does not discriminate based on gender.

Independence! …from harassment. Hopefully. Someday.

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(x-posted here.) If you’re involved in the SF-o-sphere you may have seen the internet go boom in the past week. Elise Matthesen was sexually harassed while she was at WisCon, and formally reported it. This is actually news, because reporting is so rare – mainly because society in general makes it incredibly difficult for people to report this sort of thing and incredibly easy for the perpetrators… Read more »

This is Rape Culture — addendum to my Amanda Todd post

Trigger warning: description of rape, rape culture, misogyny, bullying, suicide Something I didn’t really get into in my last post about Amanda Todd’s suicide is the misogyny, sexism, and clear and present rape culture apparent in the details of the case. I did originally write about it in my post, but decided I wanted to focus on suicide and not… Read more »