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Gif used in post. Gods above I am so tired. I have a half-written post that I want to share here on Monday the 27th (I’ve set myself a “posting schedule” here of every other Monday, and I was GOING to post Myth Mondays this week buuuuut, yeah, no) and hopefully that will happen but right now I just need… Read more »

The best Christmas gift ever

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My mom always outdoes everyone else with her gifts to me. That’s fair; she’s known me longest and arguably knows me best. She always manages to get amazing presents that I absolutely adore. This year was no exception. We exchanged gifts on Sunday, the 5th — the second last night of Christmas, technically. My gifts to her were a huge… Read more »

Scratch my last

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I don’t hope the CT scan shows something. Because if it does that means there’s something worse than muscle strain going on; there’s longer recovery; there’s me being weaker for a long time. Too damn bad. I made my wish and I have to deal with the consequences. Got my CT scan results back today. I have mild to moderate… Read more »