Probably a good thing we’re not actually living together…yet.

Boyfriend comes home from work, hungry and exhausted.

Me: I ate your Nibs.
Him: Fuck!
Me: And your chocolate.
Him: Fuck!
Me: And a box of your Kraft Dinner.
Him: …one of the good ones or one of the Tears and Poverty flavor?
Me: Sharp Cheddar.
Him: FUCK!

I haven’t told him about the Chewy Dipps bars or the cans of Coke. I’m hoping he won’t notice until after I go home tonight.

Swear Jars for the Modern Couple

I was chatting on Skype with my boyfriend (finally; been ages since we really talked) and spamming him with links to The Bloggess (aka Jenny Lawson), because her interactions with her husband remind me so much of my interactions with Mr. Katje. And her interactions/actions/etc in general hit me where I live. Also she’s awesome; you should read her.

I linked to this post specifically, not needing to tell Mr. Katje I was thinking of setting this up for him.

Mr. Katje: Then I’d just have to create some for you.

Me: …

Mr. Katje: “I have to pee!”
“It’s cold!”
“Give me the covers; I’m freezing.”
“NO! My covers, yes, precious.”
“How do my nails look?”
“Why aren’t you ready? I’ve been done for 20 minutes!”
“Five more minutes. Really. STOP SHAKING ME I WILL CUT YOU.”
“Cook for me.”
“Because you’re better at it.”
“AUGH! Fine.”
“…the stove’s on fire.”
“Also I’m freezing.”
“And I have to pee again.”

Me: falling off chair laughing

I can’t be angry because it’s all true.  Somewhat.