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Writer Wednesday: The Writer’s Bucket List

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This post is inspired by Heather Simone’s August 8th blog post of her writer’s bucket list. I read it and thought “That would be a great WW post!” and, well, here we are. Some of my list items will be the same as hers, because, well, we’re writers and many of us have similar goals. Not rocket science, that. So… Read more »

That’s progress, I suppose

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I have not actually written any on The Jade Star of Athering since August 2nd. However, I have thought about writing on it, and even opened the notebook to the appropriate page so I can start typing up the handwritten chapters I have done so I can continue on, as I’ve reached that point where I look at the ¬†handwritten… Read more »

Daily Heart Attack

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Today I signed into Facebook and saw this: ¬† Augh! What do you mean only ninety-eight days? I haven’t finished The Jade Star of Athering, Islands of Fire and Water, OR The Man of Bronze! How the frak am I supposed to start a new novel in 98 days??? Ahh! Ahhh! AHHHHHHHHHH! *hyperventilates* *calms down* Nope, still upset. Fuck.

Words, Words, Words

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I’m at 14,306 words in Nano, which is good considering how tired I’ve been this month (seriously — insomnia until 5am and then not being able to wake up till the late afternoon, and tired all the rest of the time but still not able to fall asleep = not. fun. at. all.). My Nano novel is The Jade Star… Read more »