Lazy Sunday

I spent most of the day knitting.

I did basically nothing today. It was gray and rainy outside and I woke up late, and tired, dealing with low levels of pain from the moment I got up. (Wisdom teeth problems like these are not something I would wish on my worst enemy.) I’m alive, though. I have an arsenal of painkillers to get me through the day.

I spent most of the day knitting. I’m working on this currently; the pattern calls for endless stockinette until one binds off, at which point the exciting bit happens. (I’m not sure if you need to log into Ravelry or not to see the pattern. It’s a drop stitch pattern, which means when you bind off, you drop stitches to create a laddered look. I’ll post pictures when I’m done.)

While knitting, I watched things on Netflix. Stockinette is tedious as hell; it helps to do something else with your brain. I tried to watch My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, but I managed to start up one of the less racially sensitive episodes and just decided…nope. Not watching a retelling of the conflict between settlers and aboriginal people told via ponies and buffalo. Not after watching the clusterfrack that was the “Voodoo zebra!” episode.

So I switched to Torchwood, which mom heard a bit of while it was on — she’s intrigued! I have another show to make her watch, when we’re done with Grey’s Anatomy.

We’ve been watching a lot of Grey’s since I got here. Got her all the way through season 4; now working on season 5. She loves the show. I love watching it with her. It’s a good time.

Tonight mom is out at the movies. I am knitting some more and getting my word count down, though I might not hit 411 words today. That’s okay. I hit my monthly goal of 15,000 words yesterday. I can take it easy today (but not take a day off), and tomorrow I’ll be back up to speed.

So, with that, I’m off to knit some more and possibly eat dinner. When mom gets home, we’re watching more of Grey’s.

Tomorrow we’ll actually get things done. I swear.

The Secret Circle

The Secret Circle (TV series)
The Secret Circle (TV series) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Season 1 of The Secret Circle is on Netflix. I’ve been giving it a watch, as I’ve been snowed in at the Ogre’s place for two days. It’s pretty good; I’m enjoying it so far.

It apparently got canceled, but according to IMDB season 2 starts in January — so perhaps it got picked up again? I don’t know. I hope so, because it is an enjoyable show, and — more importantly — it’s filmed in BC (at least partially). I support almost anything that gets filmed here.

Good things about the show:

It passes the Bechdel test consistently. The teenage characters are remarkably mature while still being believable as teens, which is nice — I get so sick of badly-written teenage characters *cough*Dawn from Buffy*cough*. It doesn’t shy away from darkness — that is, the danger these kids get into is real, and obviously real, early on in the show. The kids are pretty good about discussing consent and boundaries! The way they talk about energy and how it works is fairly accurate, to this witch’s eye, which is nice. At a point where one character suggests using an indigenous headdress as a Halloween costume, the main character shuts her down, saying it’s not cool. (Cue me dying of shock.)

Things that make me give it the side-eye:

Mainly the magic. Yes, it’s nice to see non-Hollywood ways of talking about magic and energy in a show. But. The way these teens do spells is…kind of silly, so far. I’m only about 6 episodes in. Their way of doing spells seems to consist of looking or glaring at things and saying random phrases, seemingly made up on the spot, that…don’t sound too powerful. I guess I just want it to be a little more Hollywood, you know? Use some Latin at least. Something.

The other thing is the opening. When the title comes on the screen the “music” they have with it is the MOST ANNOYING sound ever. It’s a kid, I guess, going “la la la la, la la la la.” ARG.

In fact, here — I found a video of the opening. Give it a listen.

Is it just me? Or is that spectacularly annoying?

Those are really the only huge negatives with the show, so far. I’ve just started episode 7 and will likely finish it later, as it’s time to cook dinner. If everything goes south and the show does a death-spiral with flames y’all will be the first to know.

Am ill. Please send care package of Nutella and Yogi Green Tea Echinacea.

Decisions about blogging, and a Community reference.

Ok, you don’t really have to send a care package. You can if you want to, though, don’t let me stop you.

I’m sick. It’s not the worst cold I’ve ever had, but it has some nasty flu-like symptoms, and it’s sort of knocked me flat. I don’t have much energy for anything right now, so I’m not going to blog what I was planning to blog today.

I think I’ve reached a decision about my blogging, however, and that is to streamline down to one blog for Katje van Loon. (Don’t worry; Morag Spinner will continue on at Innocence and Immanence. I won’t bore y’all with my religious ramblings over here.) I started Gossip Diet a while ago because I felt I needed a Blogspot blog for more…informal posts? I suppose that’s the word I’m looking for. I wanted to make my blogging here more journalistic, and my blogging over there more personal.

It’s too much. I’d much rather just camp out in one spot to chat with y’all, and frankly I prefer WordPress to Blogspot. Also, reading this post by Kristen Lamb sort of helped solidify that opinion.

So I’ve imported all my posts and comments from Gossip Diet to here (which is quite a bigger job than I’d anticipated, as it turned all my tags from GD to categories and now I have some clean-up to do), and at some point this month I’ll be deleting Gossip Diet. Or perhaps just making it private. I’m not really sure.

At any rate, you can expect both this blog and my penis to be much more focused and rewarding.

I’m sorry, I had to get a Community reference in here. And if you don’t get it and find it really offensive, I do not apologize. I simply say “Get thee to Netflix and watch thyself some Community, pronto.” They totally said pronto in Shakespeare’s time. It’s in the first draft of Hamlet. Little known secret.