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Previously called “Life with Mr. Katje”, this category is for me to blog about the husbeast and my life with him. Ogre, Mr. Katje, Fezzik, Asshole…some of the many names I have for my darling.


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It’s been a while since I’ve written. We got a new tire for my car. Or rather, we got 5 new tires for my car and one of them turned out to work. The first time Mr Katje went to the scrap yard he got a deal on 4 tires for 200 bucks off a 2000 Dodge Caravan — ie,… Read more »

The Great Rewashing of 2014

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For three days I suffered until finally Mr. Katje kicked me out the door to go get some godsdamned antihistamines, for Zeus’ sweet sake. (Actually I don’t really think Zeus cares if I’m itching or not; I think it’s rather a thing below his sphere of “Shit I Care About”.)

The Stroke of Midnight

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At midnight, I was sitting on the couch upstairs, playing around on my computer. Mr. Katje’s folks were watching Downton Abbey, and Mr. Katje was pouring us glasses of Martinelli’s Sparkling Apple Cider. We raised our glasses in a toast — “Happy new year! Fuck off, 2013!” — and drank. Then I got up and went over to the other… Read more »

Weekend Sleep Schedule Success

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Something I have to deal with on the weekends is my sleep schedule going to hell and gone. My fiance works nights and I, with no schedule set by an outside force, prefer to work days. Ideally I get up at 6am and head to bed at 9 or 9:30pm. At home, I have no trouble keeping this schedule. When… Read more »

True Love is Muffins

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I spent the weekend baking. Yes I’m domestic shut up. I spent the weekend before baking, too. I still haven’t baked a loaf of bread as I said I was going to; there have been obstacles in obtaining ingredients so I can do so at my house. Theoretically I could bake the bread at my fiancĂ©’s house, as I’ve been… Read more »