PerPoWriMo. The various wrimos are getting a little ridiculous, which means I must join in.

How did it become March already? Something something, time moves in mysterious ways, something something.

Mom and I are doing PerPoWriMo this month. WTF is PerPoWriMo, you ask?

Personal Poetry Writing Month. Not personal poetry, just our own personal poetry writing month.

April is NaPoWriMo (or Na/GloPoWriMo I guess), but we wanted to write poems this month. One per day. I have the added goal of submitting 15 of the poems I write to contests and literary mags.

I thought about calling it KaWPoWriMo, for Kat-and-Wolff Poetry Writing Month, but I think PerPoWriMo has more legs. Also it kind of sounds like “purple rhino” if you say it fast enough.

winning even though it’s not a race

So far, I’m winning. I’ve penned a poem each day this month (save today; it’s not over yet).

"Hey mom, how many poems have you written this month?"
"Uh...1.8. Bad, eh?"
"I'm winning!"
"You bitch."

All in jest. It’s not a competition. Well, it’s a healthy one. And mom often calls me a bitch. It’s a term of endearment in our family. (We are a wolf pack, after all.)

For me, this is partially a way to catch up with my goals of poetry this year. I wanted to do 1/week, or a total of 52, poems in 2020. Doing 31 in a month will help me get ahead of that number.

And then if I end up surpassing the 52? Awesome. Another book in the offing.

I don’t want y’all to think this means I’m eschewing fiction, however. I’m not. I’m just so busy with the drudgery of life right now that poetry is often all I have time for. (And it’s a struggle, most days.)

I still have lofty goals for writing novels this year. I’m not letting little things like mom’s broken ankle, her two post-op complications, my back going out at all hours of the night like a rebellious teenager, or a global pandemic get in my way.

If I did, I wouldn’t be Katje van Loon, Baroness of Fucking Watch Me (also Duchess of Bitch, I Might Be).

And hopefully, I’ll find even more time in the near future, as I’ve finally left Twitter. (About time.)

Loonily yours,

2020 Reso-goal-tions

OK, take 2 on getting my shit together…I started this post on January 1st. It is January 10th. I have not finished this post. Let’s see if we can change that, shall we?

Do you like that word? Reso-goal-tions? I made it up today January 1st. I never seem to make pure resolutions, and trend towards goal-setting instead — but in my goals there is some resolve. Thus, reso-goal-tions.

I have a million and one, but I’ll just be talking about my writing and publishing ones here on loony bin.

First, my 2020 Intention. What’s an Intention? It’s some hippy-new-age thing I’m into that I don’t even know how to describe, but it’s what I set before I started doing my resogoaltions.

I created it while writing my last email newsletter of 2019 and shared it right there in the email. It’s based off the oracle card reading I did for the upcoming year for myself and my newsletter subscribers.

(Are you on my newsletter? You should be! I might actually email it this year! And when I do I sometimes draw cards for the list.)

May my writing lead me to greater spiritual insights and wealth, in 2020 and beyond. May I share those insights with others, and in sharing, may my own spiritual wealth and happiness grow.

Katje’s 2020 Writing Intention

I know, sounds hokey, but the truth is, writing is a spiritual calling for me as well as a career. Yes, I want it to make money, but first it needs to feed my soul. Then it can feed my coffee habit.

But, because I’m a crazed Type A, anything that feeds my soul must also have goals and organization attached, and perhaps a little healthy self-competition. Never measure yourself against other people — measure yourself against yourself.

"Never measure yourself against other people — measure yourself against yourself." Click To Tweet

Just don’t go crazy, like I do. Baby steps!

Ok, let’s see what big honking elephant steps I’m about to take this year.

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Welcome 2019: Goals and Thoughts

To start: I’m not totally sold on this new WordPress editor. I know when it came out people were PISSED about it, and honestly, I can see why. On the other hand, it has some cool features. What I’m really not pleased about is the apparent disappearance of the word count function — or maybe it’s somewhere here and I just can’t find it yet. EDIT: I found it. It’s…yeah, okay, I don’t like where it is now. You have to click a button to see it instead of it just being at the base of your editing window.

To continue: Happy New Year! I hope you had a great New Year’s Eve and Day and that you stayed safe and warm. On New Year’s Eve I went and got a CT scan, which was a terrifying experience as I’m claustrophobic. However, it will hopefully show if my spinal injury has deteriorated or not. (OK, seriously WordPress? You fucked up adding links? Jesus.)

Anyway, as I’ve thrown out my back three times in the past year, I think it’s time to see what’s going on back there and possibly get a referral to a neurologist. I was super lucky to get a CT scan before the end of the year, and going in and getting it was actually very fast. So I’m not displeased.

2019 is the year of feeling less crappy. #spoonielife Click To Tweet

I have decided that 2019 is going to be the year I get my health back. Or, more accurately, the year I stop feeling like 100% crap all the damn time. Living with a spinal injury and acid reflux and all manner of chronic crap as well as mental illness means that I basically always feel like shit, and I’m tired of it, because there are small interventions I can do to lessen that feeling like shit thing.

2019 is also the year of better communication and finishing up projects! It’s the last year in this decade, the 2010s, so I want to get some stuff DONE, you know? I also want to communicate better — by which I mean, actually send out newsletters on a regular basis and blog more. Also maybe get a keyboard that can keep up with me so I’m not having to correct for missing letters every FIVE SECONDS, LAPTOP, I’M TALKING TO YOU.

So anyway, I’ve got some goals. Some writing goals. (I have other goals too but maybe one set of goals per post, or this will be waaaay too long.)

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