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SFFSat: Cross-dressing in Athering!

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After bumping into her in the hallway, Chief Medical Officer Jules asks Healer Ghia what her plans are for Midwinter Eve. “I’m working at the Cauldron.” He sucked in his breath sharply, making a sympathetic face. “I do not envy you.” She gave a bark of laughter. “Please, Jules–we all know you secretly wish you were a short nineteen-year-old woman,”… Read more »

Notes from the revision pile

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And by “revision pile” I mean picture me under a PILE OF REVISIONS. Anyway. Here’s a picture encompassing what’s happening in Katje-land today. Yes, this means I’m working on a chapter with some boy-love in it. Because sometimes bros are just bros who have sex with each other. I love slash so much I just write it right into my… Read more »

Science Fiction Fantasy Saturday, August 13th, 2011: damn know-it-all healers

From Bellica, part one: “How did you…” “I’m a healer,” Ghia said, cleaning the bloody cut on the bellica’s hand. “I know everything.” Yarrow snarled, and Ghia would have laughed if it wouldn’t have spoiled the effect. “You know you should be more careful with your hands, as Caelum says. This isn’t the first time you’ve come in here with… Read more »