SFFSat: A snippet from my current novel, Anala

SFFSat logoHey there! I haven’t participated in this in a while, for various reasons, but I decided it’s time I start again. Especially as I’m working on a new book and writing every day — I have lots to actually share.

If you’re new to SFFSat, basically every Saturday a group of writers share sentences from one of their works on their blogs, and link to all their posts on the master blog. You can find links to other participating authors here — be sure to read them! There’s some great stuff to check out.

Oh, and it’s science-fiction/fantasy — hence the SFF part of the name.

Today I’m going to share a snippet from the book I’m working on, Anala. Anala is book 3 in The Third Age, sequel to The Jade Star of Athering (book 2) and Bellica (book 1). Major spoilers ahead! If you haven’t read Bellica or The Jade Star of Athering and don’t want to be spoiled, don’t continue!

Ok, now that I’ve warned you all, on with the snippet!

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Science-fiction Fantasy Saturday, Nov. 2nd: a bit from The Jade Star of Athering

Whoa hey I’m back. It’s been a while!

I have technically finished the first draft of Jade Star, but as revisions with this book means “add a few thousand words”, it’s still a WiP.

Spoilers for Bellica ahead.

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SFFSat, Feb 16th: Introductions can be awkward

And we’re back! I’m giving you more snippets from The Jade Star of Athering now, as I’m working on it again. (I may even finish it soon!) Last time, you’ll remember, we had Bellica Agate completely failing at diplomacy in her meeting with the Ixile’an queen who has taken over an Atherian town with her army. Now the Queen has insisted on introductions….

Agate stared in confusion, then realized the woman was asking for her name. Hastily she replied, placing her hand in the same position on her chest, then pointed to Damien and said his name.

Rain-Looking repeated the syllables of each name slowly, then nodded, as she committed them to memory.

“Good name. Ah-gah-tay,” she said, pointing to Agate, “mean She-Who-Guards. Brave name. Strong.” She nodded once, decisively, and then frowned. “How Atherian bell-eh-kah get Ixil name?”

Well. That’s interesting.

That’s also all we have for this week! Go check out the rest of the amazing snippets here, and I’ll see you next week with another snippet from The Jade Star of Athering!

SFFSat January 26th: Thalaea learns about Saeas, Witch Goddess

Good morning! (Or evening, if you’re in my time zone.) Last week and the week before our ex-goddess character found her new True Name — Thalaea — and discovered she was falling for a mortal.

This week, we see a conversation between Thalaea and Enendoa, the “wise woman” (ie, witch). Enendoa is teaching Thalaea about Saeas, Witch Goddess of Min.

“Wolves and witches have a long history together in Min. Saeas watches over the wolves as much as She watches over Her chosen, the raven and the witch.”

Thalaea caressed the wolf bone on the altar. She felt an answering trill from the wolf-soul. “Then why are people like Kaz allowed to do what they do? If Saeas is honored by more than just witches.”

A gusty sigh was her response. “You look at the world as if it’s simple, as if people are easy to understand. They’re not. Life is not clearly delineated, and the sooner you learn that, the happier you’ll be.”

(For reference, Kaz is a hunter who…does brutal things to wolves.)

Hope you enjoyed this week’s snippet. There’s still a whole day’s worth of reading for you HERE, and I’ll see y’all after the weekend. I’m off to celebrate.

SFFSat, January 19th: the magic of one’s True Name.

Last week, Silva found her new True Name: Thalaea. After asking Enendoa if she can take on the moniker, the ex-goddess discovers that finding her new True Name has some pleasant effects on her newly-mortal body.

Three hearts beat the way they should; her bones were no longer so heavy. She was not cold any more; her body regulated its temperature as it should. Each breath was a pleasure, and each movement made her feel grateful.

She was Thalaea now, and she was a witch. The truth sang to her blood and made the entire world right.

When Brinna arrived to pick her up, she felt like dancing with the younger woman. She settled for a long, lingering hug, and a dazzling smile. “I found my Name,” she whispered to Brinna, suddenly realizing what her strange feelings for the woman had been. Silva had not been mortal, and mortal feelings had not been for her. Thalaea was — and she was overjoyed to find she was falling in love with Scoas’ daughter.

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SFFSat, January 12th, 2013: Silva finds her new True Name

I’m finally doing this again!

I started work on Stranger Skies again this week, and decided I should start posting snippets again — if only to keep myself motivated. (Joking. I’m motivated because the story is awesome.)

In this snippet, Silva, our goddess-turned-mortal, has just finished reading a large tome at the behest of Enendoa, the local witch. The tome is the grimmerie of the first witch of this town, whose name was Thalaea. Silva feels something when she reads the name, but isn’t aware what until Enendoa speaks….


It was like a blow to her hearts. She reverberated with the sound of the word; it flowed through her, tasting as true as sunlight.

Thalaea. Her True Name.

She looked up. Enendoa stood, arms folded in front of her chest, looking at the Lady of the True Woods.

“It means forest, so far as I know.”

Silva stared at the witch dumbly. Didn’t the woman realize she’d just Named a goddess?


Thanks for reading! Make sure to check out the other awesome snippets here, and I’ll see you next week!

Or, you know, hopefully during the week too. 😉

PS: If you just can’t face the rest of the week without more reading material from me and you haven’t yet read Bellica, chapters 1 – 29 have been published both at my writing site and at Wattpad. New chapter 3X/week. So that’s pretty awesome.

SFFSat, November 10th: the agony of living

This week we’re veering away from The Jade Star of Athering snippets so I can share with you a bit from my NaNoWriMo novel, Stranger Skies. The first two chapters of Stranger Skies is available on Smashwords for free, by the way, so I’ll be sharing the first few sentences of Chapter Three: Flesh Prison.

Silva woke to alien smells and sounds. Her hearing was duller than a wolf’s, but sharper than a Terran’s. The sounds of a fire crackling, bacon sizzling, people outside chopping wood, talking, laughing — all the sounds of a morning on a farm — assaulted her.

There were too many hearts. The rhythms were off. She was used to one heart per body; now she had…two? Three? They thrummed in her ears; she could not escape the beat of them. Her chest felt as if it would explode.

Stranger Skies is the story of the goddess Silva, Lady of the True Woods and Queen of the Deep Furs, Wild Goddess of Wolves, and how she falls to a different planet and becomes mortal. Trapped in her new mortal body and life, she has to discover her destiny in this new world and find a way to reclaim her godhood.

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SFFSat, November 3rd: Communication Problems

Welcome to another week of SFFSat! In this snippet, Agate and Damien have been lead to the Ixile’an sovereign who has taken her army to occupy the town of Southland.

There was a silence as the two women stared at each other, assessing one another like enemies on the battlefield. Normally Agate would have held out, but she was supposed to be on a diplomatic mission.

She bowed low again. “Your Majesty, I have been sent by Athering’s Queen to discuss a truce. She has no wish for any violence.”

The other woman raised her eyebrows, and gave a small sigh. “I do not want violence either,” she said, stumbling over the words. “That is why I come here.”

Agate knit her eyebrows together in a frown as she puzzled that out. “You didn’t want violence so you attacked and occupied a small town?”

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SFFSat October 27th: A Diplomatic Mission

Welcome to another SFFSat snippet! We continue on from the last two weeks’ snippets (here and here, in chronological order) from The Jade Star of Athering.

The leader sized her up, recognized her as another leader, and made a small bow indicating wary respect. Agate affected a look of confusion and did a clumsy imitation of the bow, though she could have done it perfectly in her sleep.

“We are on a diplomatic mission from the Queen of Athering. She wishes to discuss a truce.” Agate spoke slowly and deliberately, enunciating the Atheē words perfectly. She wanted no misunderstandings if she could help it.

The man who had bowed earlier frowned, as if digesting her words, then nodded. “Rain-Looking want to see you. Come now; only two.” He pointed to Agate and Damien, reinforcing his statement.

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SFFSat, October 20th: The Welcoming Party

Continuing on from where we left off last week — Bellica Agate and her regiment have arrived in Southland, where an army of “gypsies” has taken over the town. And yes, this is all first draft stuff, so there will probably be some grammatical errors.

It didn’t take long for someone to come out and meet them. A whole lot of someones, truth be told.

Their welcoming party consisted of fifteen people, all armed with spears or longbows. Damien to her right fidgeted, his hand twitching towards his sword; she held her hand out in a steadying gesture. The people greeting them were gypsies – Agate would have known even if they hadn’t been talking among themselves in Ixil. Their hair was dark, lustrous and curly; their teeth shone white against the dark brown hue of their skin, and their eyes ranged from a light hazel to the velvet brown of a deep pool of water on the forest floor.

The sight of them sent a pang of longing so sharp through Agate there was no way she could convince herself it was loathing, this time. Ever the perfect bellica, she kept her features composed and tried to ignore the feelings being stirred up at the sight of a people she’d lived with for so long in her youth.

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