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To read the first part of this snippet click HERE. The thought was half-formed in her mind when the sound became a high-pitched keening scream. She tried to clamp her hands over her ears but stood paralysed, rooted to the spot. Out of the darkness came a lumbering white shape, galloping towards her with deadly purpose. It continued to scream… Read more »

SFFSat: wherein Yarrow walks up Mt. Impri

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In this snippet from Bellica Yarrow is walking back up the mountain after her hunting trip. True to her pessimistic prediction, the sun had set by the time she reached the treeline, and she laboured up the rocky, snow-sprinkled slope in the dark. Soon the moons rose and cast their silver light, giving an eerie shine to the rust-coloured rock… Read more »

Sunday Seven: Yarrow and Jules discuss the skeleton in front of them

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As promised, here is the rest of yesterday’s little snippet. “Who’s this, then?” she asked into the long silence. “Beats me,” Jules said, face earnest. “I’d hazard a guess and say it’s the last Queen who was exiled to here.” “Thanks, Chief Officer of the Obvious,” she said sardonically and explored the rest of the room. Finding nothing of interest,… Read more »

SFFSat: Yarrow and Jules explore Mt. Impri further

Hello! I’m finally back for SFSat, and this week I have two snippets for you — one today, one tomorrow. I know, I know — I’m awesome. This week’s Bellica snippet follows Yarrow and Jules’ adventures on Mt. Impri — after safely navigating past the first door, they explore what seems to be an ancient, long-abandoned city within the mountain…. Read more »

SFFSat, April 7th 2012: Mt. Impri and ancient mageks

For a bit of change of pace this week I’m giving y’all a small snippet from Bellica, my first novel. This is from later on in the novel, when Yarrow (my protagonist) and one of her closest and oldest friends, Jules, are investigating the insides of Mt. Impri — the capricious guardian of Atton, Athering’s northernmost town. Here they find… Read more »

SFFSat: oh the times, they are a-changing…

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Here is the continuation to the last three weeks’ snippets (1, 2, 3) and the end of this chapter! They didn’t, this time. He merely nodded and put his arm around her shoulders, and they walked in silence. Normally she wouldn’t allow such a display of affection in front of her women, but since leaving Atherton she felt as if… Read more »

SFFSat March 24th: a conversation between Agate and her major

Continuing on in the same scene as the last two weeks’ snippets (1, 2), here we see a small conversation between Bellica Agate and her major, Damien. This is from The Jade Star of Athering, the sequel to Bellica. “You didn’t mention why you were chosen for the mission,” he said gently when they were out of earshot. It was… Read more »

SFFSat, March 17th 2012: continuing on from where we left off last week….

We have the rest of the conversation first shown in snippet form here, for last week’s SFFSat. Agate had already turned away to deal with the “I told you so” look on Damien’s face, but now she turned back. “Think hard about what you’re saying, soldier. I never make uninformed decisions.” Bethany stood her ground, but she looked abashed. She’d… Read more »

SFFSat, March 10th, 2012: a snippet from The Jade Star of Athering

During a break on the march to Southland, Agate takes an opportunity to tell her women about their mission — and encounters some resistance. While her women sat, scattered across the road in a rough semi-circle, chewing on their rations, she spoke clearly and quietly. No one said anything, for her women were loyal, and always showed the respect they… Read more »

SFFSat: Drunken confessions continued

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This week’s snippet is a continuation of last week’s, posted here. It caught her completely off guard. She swallowed convulsively in the raw emotion crackling the air. She grasped at her old, Umbra-may-care mood, but her jesting tone fell flat. “What, you’d sacrifice your life for me?” His look didn’t waver, but a small smile, almost as infinitesimal as his… Read more »

SFFSat: Drunken confessions from Bellica

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Today’s entry is a conversation snippet between Bellica Yarrow and Major Caelum from Bellica. Yarrow is the Empress’s best bellica, and yet she feels herself descending into madness: she committed a crime she has no memory of committing. After a night of drinking, she confesses her actions to her second, Caelum, and his reaction surprises her… “What do you suggest… Read more »

SFFSat, Feb 4th: a snippet from Bellica

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In this snippet, Bellica Anala is attempting a daring escape from an enemy nation where she has been held captive in a drugged state. This is from my recently released novel Bellica, now available on Kindle.   Through some stroke of luck she made it to the stables, where a young groom got another sleeper hold from her. She found… Read more »