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Nope, I don’t want to go back in

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Yesterday I realized I first came out of the closet 20 years ago. Actually, I came out of two of them. I was 14 and starting high school. I’d just made a friend based on the giant pentacle necklace she’d been wearing, and our joking about coming out of various closets led me to going WELL, LET ME LEAP OUT… Read more »

Why Wolff isn’t coming to SMF this year

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You’re probably aware I’ve been doing some fundraising to help my mom and myself, or Kat & Wolff, get to Spring Mysteries Festival this year. Well, mom can’t come anymore. It’s just going to be me. (I could still use any financial help y’all are willing to give, however. I just barely made my registration cost.) Why? Aside from the… Read more »

‘White Birds’ cover reveal

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Hello, gentle readers! My mom, Kaimana Wolff, has a new book coming out on March 27th. It’s called White Birds: Dreams for Dancers. Today, I get to reveal to you…the cover! Well, both covers; the ebook cover is slightly different from the print cover. As well, here’s the synopsis from the back of the book! “In times of great trouble,… Read more »