Happy International Women’s Day!

Today, March 8th, is International Women’s Day. This is a day for acknowledging the contributions of women to the world, and for honoring the women in your life. (Protip: Instead of giving flowers because you think it’s expected, try asking the women in your life what they’d like. Also, how awesome is it that a day dedicated to honoring women’s contributions has been turned into another flowery gender-role stifled holiday? SO awesome.)

Even a genderqueer individual like myself can enjoy and promote IWD, and ask people to focus on women’s voices. Because I understand that in the fight against sexism it’s important to centre women’s voices, and that’s part of what IWD is about. (Before any of you closet-MRAs say “Well why don’t we have an international men’s day? Whinge whinge whine,” let me remind you that every day is international men’s day. Welcome to kyriarchy; enjoy your stay, try to damage the furniture. Oh, also, you have it, so shut the fuck up.)

I hope that someday there will be an international non-binary folk day, but until that day allow me to celebrate with the gender I used to ID as.

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