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Zombie cranberry juice

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My cranberry juice went bad. =( Cranberry juice should last forever. Why doesn’t it? I now am worrying that the people who pick up our recycling are going to be judging me for recycling a cranberry juice bottle with an expiration date of September…of last year. YES I HAD CRANBERRY JUICE SITTING AROUND IN MY FRIDGE FOR OVER A YEAR… Read more »

I forgot the bra. Bad Katje.

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I’m delaying the release of Stranger Skies in paperback by a month. It was supposed to be out by Halloween, but my editor has found a bunch of things that got missed in the last round of edits, so those need to be fixed before we can release a paperback. Of course, that means I must also fix the ebooks…. Read more »

Galactica is trying to murder me

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She knows I’m a Cylon. Galactica is my 1987 Volvo Station Wagon. She’s a good ship, but then she does shit like try to kill me and I feel like beating her with a hammer. Or calling up Aaron Douglas and screaming “WHY WON’T YOU MAKE MY BIRDS FLY? I need my birds to fly!” The latest shit she pulled… Read more »

Ultimatums to myself

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So back when I was still traveling, and I believe it was when I was in Salem, OR, specifically, I set a goal for myself. An ultimatum, even. I told myself I was going to finish The Jade Star of Athering by April 28th. I was giving myself 10 days after my final exam (the 18th). I figured that I’d… Read more »

Mundane Monday: on being optimistic

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On Saturday, I spent perhaps an hour and a half crying — no, sobbing, raging with tears in my eyes, lamenting my situation to the heavens above. They didn’t listen very well, but I don’t expect them to. Then on Sunday I did things. I was generally productive. My boyfriend came to visit me and we got to watch some… Read more »

Whatever Wednesday: Sewing woes

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Aside from the sewing machine I showed y’all on Monday, I also have a Singer 513 Stylist at my house (the older one I bought is currently at my boyfriend’s place). I managed to get this one working yesterday and started work on my costume for this weekend. (Yes, I realize it’s cutting it close. Don’t judge me.) Well, at… Read more »