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I am actually travelling today

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Even if I woke up late and missed the 9:30 ferry. I can still catch the next one and will be leaving shortly. It’s a long trip and I don’t expect I’ll have the energy to blog when I get home, so I’ll see y’all tomorrow. In the meantime, here’s a picture of a fire. My mom built this up…. Read more »

A reminder to myself that forming good habits is always harder than I hope it will be

The habit comes from me; the discipline comes from my own head — the part that’s not trying to constantly sabotage anything good in my life.

Every day, in every way…

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Often I need to hit a point that’s just below overwhelm to actually accomplish things; if I have too little to do, I procrastinate, and if I have too much, I escape from the stress by doing anything except what I’m supposed to.

Statue of Liberty vs. Tea Party: no contest

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Saturday night we spent in Salem, Oregon at my friend Indigo’s place. Her house is HUGE and with rent so reasonable I half considered picking up and moving there like, yesterday. (There being Salem, not necessarily her house.) Sunday morning afternoon we headed north again and stopped in Portland for a visit shopping trip, as mentioned before. Leaving Portland was… Read more »

Oregon is a dangerous place for us — and I’m not talking about dysentery

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Oregon has no state tax. This is like a stranger in a van offering candy to us 14%-tax-beleaguered British Columbians: dangerous, but oh so tempting. Our trip to Seattle got delayed a bit when we decided to stop in Portland. Mom bought shoes (so what else is new?), we both got books, I picked up a pre-loved copy of Destroy… Read more »

Wednesday at my brother’s house

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My brother lives in a boat. That is, it’s a really long and narrow semi-legal basement suite with two bedrooms, a bathroom that used to be two closets (so, two bathrooms: one with a toilet, sink, and toiletries, and one with a shower), a kitchen that redefines the term “galley kitchen”, a bar, and lots of wood paneling. I think… Read more »

On the Oregon Trail. No dysentery. Yet. (Picture heavy)

This past weekend I spent at Spring Mysteries Fest, which I can’t tell you much about because, well, Mysteries. Oath-bound secrecy, etc. Also, this is not my pagan blog, so what I can talk about will be said at Innocence and Immanence sometime this week. Regardless, SMF is at Fort Flagler, an old military base. Pictures during the event are… Read more »

Better than a poke in the eye with a sharp stick (but only marginally)

My passport was found! My Uncle Neil found it in a collage box in the East Den (ie, the apartment in Coquitlam — my house is the West Den, and mom’s house is the North/Main Den — we name the houses in a way that makes sense to the wolf-dog okay). How it ended up there I can only surmise… Read more »

Passports and Fear

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My passport is missing. Actually, my passports are missing. I have two, both current: US and Canada. I only need one to travel (technically*) and I cannot find either of them. I keep them in a special silver case that protects them from electromagnetic rays and beaming up by aliens and other various nasties. Yes, I love my passports so… Read more »

Friday Five

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Five random things I need to mention: Bellica‘s distribution is going to be wider than I thought. Not only am I doing a Kindle ebook for 9.99, but I am also going to be using CreateSpace to make a paperback to sell on Amazon. More news on that as it develops. I am traveling this week to Orlando so I… Read more »