Thomas King, Vancouver Poetry Slam, and my health

The past four or five days have been interesting. I had an adverse reaction to some belladonna applied topically on Thursday night, and since then the ache in my left shoulder has intensified to the point of my arm being pretty much out of commission. Advil helps, but there’s still pain. I plan on seeing a doctor this week — I may have wrenched the shoulder out of alignment during Galactica’s bid to murder me.

Despite all this sturm und drang surrounding my physical health, I’m alive, and was feeling well enough on Monday to leave the house for an opportunity to see Thomas King speak.

If you don’t know who Thomas King is, then get the fuck out you are missing out on part of life.

Seriously, though, Thomas King is brilliant, and funny, and an amazing writer, and incredibly patient with babbling star-struck First Nations Studies graduates.

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